'Huge in France' season 2: Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know about Comedian Gad Elmaleh's show

'Huge in France' season 2: Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know about Comedian Gad Elmaleh's show

Netflix series 'Huge in France' premiered on Netflix on April 12, with eight 30-minute episodes following comedian Gad Elmaleh move from France to the US to reconnect with his teenage son. The show is intentionally unfunny in parts and often cringe-worthy with quirky, flawed characters. Ending the first season on a cliffhanger, it looks like 'Huge in France' will come back with another season. Gad totally deserves another chance to make it big in America! Here is all you need to know about season 2 of 'Huge in France':



Release date

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Jordan Ver Hoeve, who plays Luke on the show, said that a second season is possible, and he would absolutely love it. "The story can easily continue, but it's all in the hands of Netflix at the moment," he added. Netflix has not yet announced season two, although Gad Elmaleh also said that it is on the cards.




The comedy, that is based loosely on Gad Elmaleh's own life, revolves around him leaving France to work on his relationship with his teenage son who is a model in the US. Gad has an 18-year-old model son and in 2015, he had performed stand-up in New York, which he said bombed due to his broken English, much like his character on the show. Jordan Ver Hoeve, model and actor, plays Gad's son Luke on the show, while Erinn Hayes plays Vivian — Luke's mother who is an aspiring social media influencer.

Jason Alan Ross, Vivian's boyfriend who is a retired actor mentoring Luke on modeling, is played by Matthew Del Negro. Jason can be called the show's antagonist, with Gad constantly trying to pry him away from Luke and Vivian. Scott Keiji Takeda plays Brian Kurihara, Luke's loyal assistant who shadows him and helps him through his struggles in the US.


The show is created by Gad Elmaleh, Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul and directed by Andrew Mogel.




Gad Elmaleh is "France's Jerry Seinfeld" but as he says on the show "Doesn't matter right, because it's not the US?". The comedian has left behind his fame and celeb status in France and is trying to make things work for him in Los Angeles to reconnect with his son Luke. While Luke considers Jason as his father, Gad tries hard to win his affection, plotting against Jason with the help of his assistant Brian. 

Luke is a 16-year-old model who takes himself very seriously, and Jordan Ver Hoeve said on playing the role: "I was definitely trying to play up the hooty-ness, but it was so fun and satirical in that dry comedy". At the end of season one, Gad is torn between his comic instincts and the promise he made to Luke. The storyline is definitely one to be continued, and like Ver Hoeve said about the chances of getting a second season, "Let's all put those thumbs up on Netflix, shout it out, do what you can, and hope."


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