Arrested Development Season 5: Which characters are expected to come back?

Arrested Development Season 5: Which characters are expected to come back?
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The drama surrounding the return of Netflix's very popular Arrested Development seems never-ending. With its cast member Jeffrey Tambor being slammed with allegations of sexual harassment by his co-stars from Amazon's Transparent and Netflix canceling its UK promotional tour, fans are just happy that the Bluths are back and running again!

The Bluths seem to have made their humorous way through the now somewhat controversial show with the return of Arrested Development's fifth season - half of which is dropping on the streaming website on Tuesday. And for all those wondering - yes, all of the family members are going to be back this season for another power-packed series of absolute foolery.

But that isn't all. The show is famous for all of its secondary characters too, and this time there are both familiar and new faces alike. Steve Holt (Justin Grant Wade) - Maeby's former high school crush is making a comeback. Fans can surely expect some extremely self-proclaimed appearances. 

Tony Wonder (Ben Stiller) - The illusionist is back again - with a bang or not, is yet to be decided. Remember the extra confusing night he shared with Gob (Wil Arnett)? Maybe it will evolve into a magical friendship.


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Sally Sitwell (Christine Taylor) - expect payback - in ways more than one. Especially when she's Lindsay's high school rival, Tony's partner and of course - the woman who stole $100,000 from Lucille 2 (Liza Minnelli), so there may be some payback.

Rebel Alley (Isla Fisher) - for everyone who was hooked to this triangle of emotions brewing between the woman who caused a face punch between Michael (Jason Bateman) and George-Michael (Michael Cera), there's good news. That dramatic father-son chaos is only going be spurred as Rebel is returning for more.

Ron Howard (Ron Howard) - The show's narrator and executive producer is back and this time with more of his family!

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Debrie Bardeaux (Maria Bamford) - Season 4 was glorious in a lot of ways - especially when Debrie passed out in a pile of debris. Maybe there's more to the hope she gave Tobias (David Cross).

Gene Parmesan (Martin Mull) - There's no guarantee when the master of disguises is going to take center stage. Stay tuned for that!

Kitty Sanchez (Judy Greer) - From being an assistant to George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) to becoming an executive at Imagine, Kitty has come a long way and clearly - she has a longer way to go!

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Barry Zuckercorn (Henry Winkler) - What's better than an underqualified lawyer? The Bluths crying “Objection!” at him.

Stan Sitwell (Ed Begley Jr.) - He's the patriarch of the Sitwells and also the CEO of a rival real estate company. It means only one thing - drama, drama, more drama!

Warden Stephan Gentles (James Lipton) - Does he know how to use his iPad yet?

John Beard (John Beard) - The newsman’s demise was chronicled in Season 4 but maybe he's not all that deceased yet?

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