'How To Get Away With Murder' Series Finale: Will there be a spinoff or is this really the end?

As ABC's hit legal thriller comes to an end, with a very open-ended final scene, we wonder if the show could possibly head to a spin-off and continue the legacy of Annalise Keating

                            'How To Get Away With Murder' Series Finale: Will there be a spinoff or is this really the end?

When a hit series ends, you don’t want the experience to end. And so do the creators. That is why there are often spinoffs of many hit series, where one of the plotlines is taken forward and built into a whole new story and thus the original's legacy continues, albeit with a new set of characters and some old.

With a show as as powerful and impactful as ABC's 'HTGAWM', we kind of expect the same. Also because the series finale closed with a scene​ that looks promising and has scope for further development. 

With Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) dead and her students now scattered and grown old, the only character who remains in power at the moment is Christopher (Alfred Enoch who also played Wes Gibbins). Christopher goes back to Middleton Law School as a law professor and starts his class for Criminal Law 101, the same class Annalise used to teach at the school. Christopher remembers his mentor, Annalise and has a vision of her sitting among the students. He addresses his class in the exact same way as his mentor Annalise did and renames the subject "How To Get Away With Murder". This clearly shows that he is here to carry on her legacy.

A spinoff of the series with Christopher as the central character could make sense. His journey begins where it began for his predecessors, including his parents, Wes Gibbins and Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza). Even fans of the show tend to be in support of an extension. Here’s what they are saying after the finale. One said, "#HTGAWM has always given us the best and kept us wondering after every season but this last season & episode was everything. I'm going to miss @violadavis and the team. Ppl take note that's how u end a show @[email protected] can we get a spin off?"

"Damn, I had a spinoff all figured out in my head. #Annalise and #Tegan with a law firm. And Bonnie and Frank still having #Annalise back. Finally rid of the meddling kids. BUT BONNIE AND FRANK GON!!!! #HTGAWMFinale #HTGAWM," added another. The future of the story could easily revolve around Christopher learning about his father, about Annalise and her exploits, and the rest of her parents' friends, and how they got away (or didn't) with everything at the end. An extension of the original plot might be a way to let the fans continue to be a part of the HTGAWM family.

So, do you think HTGAWM deserves a spinoff or would you rather have this finale as its last chapter and be happy with it? Join the conversation and share your thoughts! 'How To Get Away With Murder' aired its series finale on Thursday, May 14, on ABC.

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