‘How To Get Away With Murder’: Peter Nowalk shares pilot script ahead of series finale, sends fans into frenzy

‘How To Get Away With Murder’: Peter Nowalk shares pilot script ahead of series finale, sends fans into frenzy
Peter Nowalk (Getty Images)

The wait is finally over and ABC’s hit thriller series ‘HTGAWM’ is coming to an end. In a high-octane, dramatic series finale, we will see the story of Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) close its last chapter. But wait! Before you reach there, and while you wait for the ultimate showdown of Annalise’s trial, the creator of the show has something in store for you!

Peter Nowalk, the director and writer of the ABC series, shared a photo of the very first script that he wrote for the pilot episode.


He captioned the photo with a post saying, “4 more days until the #htgawm finale so here’s a flashback to the beginning. Thank you all for jumping aboard this crazy train, especially @[email protected]@alisoneakle ... who encouraged me from step 1.”


As soon as this dropped on Twitter, fans went wild with excitement and discovering things that did not make it to the final script.

“Annalise DEWITT?!? PATRICK?! First gay president?!? SOPHIE CASTILLO?!!!!!! I AM SHAKING. #HTGAWM” exclaims a shocked fan on finding out who was one in the initial draft of the script.

Another fan requests Nowalk for the entire script as it was. “I wanna see the whole bible PLEASEEEEEE!!!  FOR THE LOVE OF THE KEATING FIVE!” she cries.


One fan feels good that the original names were changed.

“Guys correct me if I'm wrong but the one who lists the cases where they win because there was no murder weapon ends up being Laurel, right? Also I'm so glad they changed the names, especially thankful for Keating”, she says!

Some fans are begging for a longer finale instead of a regular hour-long episode so they have enough time to get the answers to their questions they have had for so long.


“It's hard to believe that #HTGAWM is almost over. I haven't seen a series that matches up to itLoudly crying faceBroken heart. It's one of those shows you don't ever want to end. They better give us a 2 hours finale. Pete Nowalk,pretty please Pleading!” begs a fan to Nowalk.

One fan asks, “Is this really over in 40 mins? Can’t believe we getting all the answers within this very short time!”


“We deserve 2hr finale of htgawm”, demands another.

Catch up on the previous 14 episodes of season 6 of HTGAWM before you land on the final chapter.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Series Finale airs on Thursday, May 14, 10 pm/9c only on ABC.

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