‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 9 reveals a change in Asher's character and we are shocked

The fall finale episode was an eye-opener of sorts when we learned about who had been revealing all the dirty secrets that Annalise and K5 had hidden away in the past five years.

                            ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 9 reveals a change in Asher's character and we are shocked

Major spoilers for ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 9 

Of all the lead characters on HTGAWM, Asher Millstone is perhaps the only one with lesser shades of grey. Of course, he has his dark and dirty secrets, but they do not remotely add up to what his friends, professor, and his acquaintances have in their closets. Asher is one of those rare characters on the show, who exudes a bright, cheery vibe, even in the toughest times. He wears his heart on his sleeve, would go any length for his friends, and still loves Michaela despite being cheated on by her. Asher has his personal struggles to deal with, particularly with his family, and yet, he tries to find ways to get himself and his friends through rough situations. When such an individual breaks the expectations, it indeed becomes hard to digest.

In episode 9 of season 6, when Asher reveals, after much deliberation, that he has been the inside man for the FBI, we were stupefied. We have experienced multiple shocks and surprises earlier, thanks to the highly twisted narrative of the show. But Asher’s change of character came to us like a lightning bolt. We, in our wildest imagination, had never expected him to be the informant, who has kept the whole gang on edge for months. Even his actions so far, were now suspicious, unlike that of Gabriel, Tegan, or even Solomon Vick. Although it is not his choice to do what he did, it does not justify his actions. His friends trusted him through thick and thin, his professor saved him from being charged with murder, and yet, he went ahead and put them in jeopardy.

While Asher seems to be in the wrong, we also cannot ignore the fact that he was coerced into being an informant. Since his father killed himself after being accused of stealing money from the government, his family has been under the radar of the FBI. To save themselves, his mother and sister make a deal with FBI to let Asher become the inside man and dig out everything that goes on in Annalise’s life and that of his friends. So, in a way, whatever Asher does, is not because he wanted to but he was pushed. However, even after the truth comes out, he seems to be brainwashed by the FBI agents that Annalise needs to pay for what she did. Despite her attempt to keep her students safe, Annalise ends up being the scapegoat for the law, and Asher has a big role to play in this. And perhaps that is why we see Asher being killed, although we are not sure by whom. Is it possible that Annalise or one of his friends wanted to silence him forever?

‘How To Get Away Murder’ will be back after its fall break in April 2020, only on ABC.

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