‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 9's fall finale twist has fans begging for the show to return

The fall finale episode shocked and awed the audience with the twist of tales and fans cannot get over the surprises that it packed.

                            ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 9's fall finale twist has fans begging for the show to return

The mercury has been on the rise throughout season 6 of HTGAWM. But before the show goes on a fall break, the finale episode brought all the speculations, questions, and assumptions into a huge melting pot and provided fans with shocking revelations. For so long we have been speculating on who could be the FBI informant who rats out Annalise and her students. Turns out, Asher is the one who snitches on his friends and professor, although not out of his own volition. He is coerced by his mother and sister to work as the informant and reveal all details about every dirty secret of Annalise and the K5. Then we also see him getting killed at the end of the episode, though not sure by whom. But the way the events transpired, it got our blood pumping and even has the audience excited, so much so that they are going gaga watching it. The fall finale was by far the best episode of the season and it just keeps getting better, or so the popular choice says.

People like@rojeliocirilo feel that episode 9 is the best ever. “#HTGAWM this has to be the best episode all season. Why can’t The whole season be like this?” So does @DiaryOfKeeks, “ BEST EPISODE HANDS DOWN #HTGAWM”

Despite answering some of the pressing questions we have raised in the last few episodes, we are still not there and the plot keeps getting unpredictable. This is surely putting the fans on the edge. As @jinxiejinxx32Tweets, “Gawd dam it the suspence is killing me #HTGAWM.”

Waiting for another few months to get all the answers seems quite daunting. As @alexusb_says, “I don’t think I can wait until April 2020. I need more episodes now because I have questions!  #HTGAWM”

Yes, it’s a little unfair to leave us with such cliffhanging tension and make us wait for so long but then, as @itsRoJaycomments, “ Man! Ready to see how this shyt unfolds and it better slay since we gotta wait til April for the conclusion. #HTGAWM” . So long, let us lay in wait for the climax to hit us with a bang when it comes back in April.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 will continue to air every Thursday only on ABC. 

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