‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 8: Fans hunt for clues to find reason behind Annalise faking her own death

As the episode ends with a flash forward of Annalise trying to pack up her old life and leave town in the dead of the night, it becomes clearer that she is all set to fake her own death and frame someone for it. And fans cannot seem to digest the fact.

                            ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 8: Fans hunt for clues to find reason behind Annalise faking her own death

Slowly and steadily the season finale is bringing us closer to the story’s final moments. Though not so much in terms of the journey of characters yet, the hints and breadcrumbs left to us through the flash-forwards are enough to make us feel on edge every time an episode ends. In episode 8, there were two major hints that Annalise will be faking her death.

So, as @its_tkira, asks, “So Annalise faked her own death? #HTGAWM”. At least the hints say so. 

The first hint came from her class test of the case of Snow White and the Evil Queen, and the second one, from the flash-forward at the end showing her leaving her apartment after deleting her personal details. Like @talented_genius tweeted, “Is Annalise....the snowwhite in this case  #HTGAWM”, which we are yet to analyze.

Also, this is not the first time, we suspected it. A couple of episodes earlier, when we saw her seeking help from her former acquaintance Solomon Vick, who helped her get multiple passports, burner phones, and a private jet to flee the country, we had guessed that Annalise might be up to faking her death.

While there were more hidden meanings in the case, the flash-forward scenes made it very clear. Her disrupted apartment, blood spatter on her carpet, and the fire poker (possible murder weapon), Annalise activating her new phone/number and deleting her laptop hard drive, make for enough evidence that she is all set to leave town, go somewhere remote, and start over. And so that she isn’t traced back, she needs to appear as murdered.

As @YeeenSimsrightly puts it, “Twitter is going crazy talking about Annalise didn't get killed because she "faked her death".... she getting in that car and starting a new life was TOO EASY. Expect the unexpected! She's not in THAT particular casket but she getting killed.  Watch. #HTGAWM

But the question all fans and us continue to ask is, who will Annalise kill to look like herself and who will she frame for the job?

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 7 will air on ABC, Thursday, November 8, at 9 pm/ 8c.

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