‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 7 suggests Oliver could actually be involved in some sinister act

As the episode ends with Oliver declaring that he is the murderer, we cannot help but wonder who he could have killed and why.

                            ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 7 suggests Oliver could actually be involved in some sinister act

ABC’s ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ just keeps getting more intense and twisted, raising a million questions and leaving each of them unanswered. As episode 7 of season 6 ended with a flash-forward to the police station where Connor and Michaela were being questioned (as we have seen in flash-forwards in earlier episodes), we see Oliver screaming out a confession that he is the murderer and that he ‘did it’.

This is perhaps the most shocking and unexpected turn, especially coming from Oliver. He has always been the ‘do-gooder’ of the show. While every one of his friends, including his husband, Connor, has had a dark secret, Oliver never had one. While his friends had blood on their hands, he has been the one to save them in different situations, protecting them in the best ways he can, and in the process, getting dragged in their life’s mess. Hence, it is very difficult to believe or even see him on the wrong side of things. So, when he suddenly runs to the police shouting out, what looked like a confession of a crime, we cannot help but wonder, if he could actually be a perpetrator hiding under a façade of a ‘good man.' Or, could it also be a sacrifice to save his husband?

Most often than not, characters tend to shock and awe us, as their characters shed their topical layers and reveal a contrasting shade. Our protagonists of HTGAWM are no different. Rather, each one of them has evolved with so many twists and turns, it has become almost impossible to assess their realities and their true faces.

However, if one looks at Oliver beyond his ‘nice, gentle, emotional’ personality, we might find traces of grey areas in his actions. For instance, when he helped Frank look for Laurel and landed on that street-camera footage/image, and kept the information from his friends, was he actually helping or was he trying to hide something? If Oliver is really a killer, or even one covering it up for someone else, we have to say that he has been doing a remarkable job in pretending to be innocent and unaware of all the dirty secrets of his friends and acquaintances. And if we are to take him on face value and believe that he might have murdered and Connor took the fall for it, who could it possibly be and why would Oliver go to the length of murder?

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