‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 7 raises concerns among fans regarding portrayal of alternate sexuality

For six seasons, HTGAWM has been very open and straight about how the show portrays alternative sexuality. But by season 6, episode 7, fans have started feeling a shift in perspective.

                            ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 7 raises concerns among fans regarding portrayal of alternate sexuality

HTGAWM has never held back when talking about social classes, sexuality, gender preferences, or anything that is typically debatable to be shown on American television. And that made fans appreciate the show all the more. Even without saying it out loud, (like we see in most shows) the creators made the audience at ease with the characters’ layered sexuality.

Take Annalise’s character for instance. We have known for a while now that she has been in a serious relationship with Eve, then she was married to Sam, she has a soft corner for Bonnie, and now, perhaps Tegan. And at the same time, she is also ‘virtually’ dating Robert (a client’s lawyer). As episode 7 shows Annalise going for a date at Robert’s place, which she does quite reluctantly, it causes a stir among her fans who feel that Annalise is not being upfront about her sexuality.

As @tutuhottuhandle Tweets, “Catch me being forever pissed at the way #HTGAWM treated the non gay LGBTQIAP+ community. It really wouldn't have been fucking hard for Annalise to audibly say she's bi.” The fact that Annalise couldn’t be vocal about her sexual preference to either Tegan or even Robert, indicates that her character is not comfortable with her sexuality, whereas, her actions speak otherwise.

But that’s not all. Episode 7 of season 6 also exposed us to the case of the week which also revolved along the same lines. The case involved a middle-school teacher, David, who accidentally shoots one of his students, Ryan. On digging deeper, it is revealed that he was also gay but closeted until his student (the victim) finds out. Being the bully of the school, the boy generates enough hate and fear within the teacher. But as the scenes made it look, (which was evident through the statement of the boy’s grandmother as well) David killed Ryan because he’s was afraid that people will know he is gay.  Fans have difficulty connecting the dots between the intent of murder and one’s sexual preference. @Lovable_Tre comments, “ I think he lying. Him being gay has nothing to do with the shooting. I think. #HTGAWM.”

Fans are wondering why there should be any reason now for people to keep hiding their sexuality, especially now, with so much discussion and open acceptance of the LGBTQ community happening all around. But most importantly, they do not like how Annalise is not being open about herself, at least in terms of her sexuality.

Here’s what @7_revealed has to say, “Analise is bi-sexual but it appears she prefers men. First she had a serious relationship seasons ago with that woman. What happened to her by the way? And then she breaks hearts & goes back to the man. Now Tegan has fell for her & she knows that. #HTGAWM”

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