'How to Get Away with Murder' season 6 episode 3 shows Bonnie's 'crazy works' as the Tegan-Annalise ship gets grounded

'How to Get Away with Murder' season 6 episode 3 shows Bonnie's 'crazy works' as the Tegan-Annalise ship gets grounded

This article contains spoilers for episode 3.

Bonnie Winterbottom might have just gotten fired from the DA but she still has a few tricks up her sleeve to save our precious Keating 5 babies whenever they mess up. And when Bonnie's self-proclaimed mantra of "Crazy works" is not actually working, we always have a certain Tegan Price to thank purely for being an absolute badass and for being married to a goddess, even if that ruins fans' dreams of watching a Tegan-Annalise Keating romance flourishing.

Season 6's episode 3 sees Connor mess up a little in his current immigration case, trying his best to reunite his detained eight-year-old client Hector with his mother Marisol. When the procedure takes longer than usual, Connor takes Hector for a casual meet-up with Marisol, after he notices the child's frustration. Unfortunately, their meet up is in an area beyond Hector's current detainment center's jurisdiction, meaning it's illegal what they are up to.

When the detectives track them down, Connor contacts Oliver to share the bad news, who in turn informs Tegan about the mess up. But when Tegan reaches the Thiede County detainment center, she finds Bonnie is already there, trying to sneak her way into the head's office to free both Hector and Marisol. Bonnie, even though recently fired from the DA's office, pretends she still works there and puts up a confident stance about what Tegan claims is a 'crazy' plan. Luckily for them, Bonnie's little hoax works, or as the blonde smugly announces, 'crazy works'. 


But not for long; the head of the office at the detainment center already sees through Bonnie's bluff and calls their scam the worst possible one in the history of scams. And this is where Tegan's tactful brain steps in. One call to her almost ex-wife Cora, who is a hotshot at homeland security, and all of that is sorted. As for Bonnie's 'crazy' side, it also lands her the job in Caplan and Gold that she had been trying for.

Sadly, the new wife discovery has quashed fans' dreams of watching an Annalise-Tegan romance unfold in the final season of the show. Both are strong, independent women in power, who really know how to grab the law by the neck and make it their b*tch. Also, if there are two people who can rival, yet understand each other on his show, it is Annalise and Tegan. They get on so many levels, and differ over, even more, making them just the right amount of spitfire to constantly challenge each other as partners should.

Taking to Twitter, fans expressed their shock and disappointment over the romance not possibly unfolding, especially considering Tegan has - never for once - brought up this wife in the show's past. User @_colourmebold remarked: "Let’s be real, Tegan was silent about her wife because she was secretly trying to get with Annalise." But speaking for the rest of the fandom, user @quincycoIdwater lamented, sharing: "Operation 'getting Annalise a hot, badass wife' is a no go; Tegan is married." However, there are some fans like @Adaria___ who just want some happy ending for the two, requesting: "Okay maybe i was wrong If eve and her pregnant wife wanna be happy okay, let Tegan and Annalise be end game I’m cool with that."


'How to Get Away with Murder' season 6 airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm only on ABC.

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