'How to Get Away With Murder' Season 6 Episode 12: Frank has killed too much to survive this season, fear fans

As Frank goes back to being his 'bad' self and takes the onus of taking down Javier Castillo and his people, fans are afraid for one of their favorite characters

                            'How to Get Away With Murder' Season 6 Episode 12: Frank has killed too much to survive this season, fear fans
Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino (IMDb)

Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) is back and with more grit than ever. He has been the “cleaner” for Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her students, helping her and the kids out of every mess they ever made. But as we inch closer to the finale of HTGAWM, more facts about Frank come to light. For instance, Vivian Maddoxx (Marsha Stephanie Blake) returns to the scene and tells Gabriel Maddox (Rome Flynn) about how Frank and Sam Keating's (Tom Verica) sister, Hannah Keating knew each other. Vivian also tells her son that the Keating family is the reason her marriage with Sam ended.

In episode 'Let's Hurt Him', as fans learn about Frank’s past and how he was involved with the Keating family, they wonder what it could be and how harmful can it turn out to be for the man.

A Twitter fan commented, "And yes I do know that hannah's the reason why sam got frank out of jail, because they knew each other from school, but something's off and i hate it #HTGAWM.”

When we also see him following Sara Gordon/Agent Pollock, tracing down Javier Castillo and then kidnapping him, fans are getting worried about one of their favorite characters.

"There wasn’t anything #Frank wouldn’t do for Annalise. I’m afraid for what’s in store for Frank. #HTGAWM," one fan said.

We all know, as do the fans, that Frank has had too much blood on his hands. “I don't think Frank will survive this season. He killed too many people. #HTGAWM," says a scared fan.

While it is no news that his methods are a bit too violent and fearsome at times, but it’s all in good intention for Annalise and sometimes even for her students. Frank has always stood by Annalise's side and tried to deal with any roadblock or challenge she might face in doing the right thing, even if it meant killing someone.

“Frank really been coming through since season 1…he’s definitely had his fair share of f**k ups, but you can’t deny that he’s loyal & makes s**t happen #HTGAWM," commented another while supporting all of Frank’s decisions.

Now, we are yet to find out how deep Frank and Hannah’s history goes and how it connects back to the current day situation.

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