‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 7 makes fans angry as they anticipate Annalise’s imminent murder

As the final season of the hit legal drama moves closer to the big murder reveal, we cannot help but suspect that it will be Annalise who will bid adieu and fans are already upset about it.

                            ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 7 makes fans angry as they anticipate Annalise’s imminent murder

Annalise Keating is a character with many contrasting shades. If she is manipulative, convoluted, agenda-driven, she is also caring and concerned about people close to her, her students and friends, and would go any length to protect them all. And let’s admit it, you can hate and love her at the same time. But you cannot ignore her. She is a woman who can be an inspiration and despicable simultaneously. Even when she ended up doing quite a few morally wrong things in life, it was upsetting, but we also knew somewhere deep inside that she must have had her reasons to do what she did. So, when the season finale opened with a scene of Annalise’s funeral, we couldn’t be less shocked. From a story point of view, we know it had to end with one of the main characters saying goodbye. But no one wants Annalise to die!

The fans of HTGAWM are right in their own stride about being disappointed if Annalise is to get killed. Some fans have become really emotional about how the story is unfolding in season 6 and indicating an obvious murder of Annalise, especially in episode 7 when we see her trying to protect herself with a gun, when someone is about to break into her apartment. As @tutuhottuhandle Tweets, “If Annalise is actually killed off, I will be pissed. If we see her being brutally murdered, I will be furious. It happens enough in real life, find something else to get you off. #HTGAWM”.  Fans also believe that if not for Annalise, there would probably have been more murders. Although she has bent the law here and there a few times, she never has had blood on her hands. Here’s what @JMicheliaJ thinks, “Annalise is only person that has not murdered anybody, but these people still find a reason to blame her for every single problem in their life, when if it wasn’t for her they’d all be dead or in prison. And Nate is becoming as unbearable as Connor and Bonnie. #HTGAWM” And she couldn’t be more right.

Sometimes, even the darkest characters touch upon certain emotions that even the most positive characters cannot. Even though we can already sense Annalise’s imminent death, the thought of her being gone will sure be a huge disappointment for the fans, both from the point of the story and the show. And that’s why fans cannot help but hold onto that thin thread of hope that the story just turns around and doesn’t let Annalise leave us.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ airs on ABC, every Thursday at 9 pm/ 8c.

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