How old is Jared Leto? Actor posts shirtless selfie on birthday, fans call him a vampire

How old is Jared Leto? Actor posts shirtless selfie on birthday, fans call him a vampire
Jared Leto fans were wowed by his young appearance (Photo by @JaredLeto/Twitter & @MorbiusMovie/Twitter)

On Sunday, December 26, Jared Leto turned 50, and the actor stunned his followers by sharing an age-defying shirtless selfie of himself. The actor took to social media platforms to express his gratitude for everyone's birthday wishes, along with a new snapshot of him eating a slice of rainbow cake while flaunting his flawlessly chiselled abs. The Oscar winner celebrated his milestone birthday by sharing a shirtless photo on Twitter and Instagram with the caption, "Thx for all the bday wishes!"

Given the blood trickling from the corner of his lips and a scratch on his chest in the shot provided by Leto, he appeared to be on the set of his forthcoming Marvel flick, 'Morbius'. The actor, who is known for his dramatic transformations for each character he plays, will play biochemist Michael Morbius, who tries to cure himself of a rare blood ailment but ends up turning into a vampire in the Marvel picture. For his loving admirers, the 'House of Gucci' actor has repeatedly showcased his body on social media in the past and every time his fans have been wowed by his young appearance. This time around too, fans couldn't stop themselves from commenting on Leto's age as soon as he posted the photo on social media. 


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One fan wrote, “Happy birthday sir, Idk how you do it but you seriously do not look anywhere near 50, I will never forget the show at the electric factory, stellar performance”. Another person wrote, “ummmm… rainbow cake = key to eternal youth? Or must be a vampire.” “Wait, you're 50?! Holy crap! Dude, you don't even age,” Yet another fan tweeted. 


“Happy birthday! How many heart attacks did you count between your followers?” One fan hilariously asked. “All the people freaking out over his hotness and I'm over here thinking 'I have 2 years until 50, maybe I CAN get back in shape!' Happy Birthday, thanks for the motivation!” another fan added. “This man is 50?!! That blood has to be from drinking unicorn blood. (I don’t wanna hear anyone say it’s from Morbius),” yet another user remarked. 














'Morbius' also stars Adria Arjona, Al Madrigal, Tyrese Gibson, and Jared Harris, and has already released a teaser. Daniel Espinosa directed the picture, which will be released in theaters on January 28, 2022.

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