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'How embarrassing for the daughter’: RHOA’s Kim Zolciak slammed for 'clickbait' hospital photo of Brielle Biermann

‘RHOA’ star Kim Zolciak mocked on social media for sharing an old picture of her daughter
‘RHOA’ star Kim Zolciak trolled on social media (Instagram/@kimzbiermann)
‘RHOA’ star Kim Zolciak trolled on social media (Instagram/@kimzbiermann)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Kim Zolciak has recently received flak on social media for sharing an old picture of her daughter in a hospital gown and then turning off her comments.

Kim took to Instagram to share a 2022 picture of her daughter Brielle Biermann going through food poisoning. In the caption, she wrote, "PRAY FOR BRIELLE #LinkInBio"

The photo has since gone viral with people commenting about why she would share such old news as 'clickbait'.

One user wrote, "Not me thinking the link would be a go fund me it’s a celeb buzz article She had food poisoning for anyone curious (2022)" while another chimed in saying, "Lmao she’s so broke."

A third user wrote, "Yall seriously crack me up these comments are fucking hilarious The lows Kim ZB will go for clicks and attention…. It just screams broke broke broke. Like more broke than any of us broke lol" while another wrote, "WOW. I always liked Kim (up until a couple years ago anyway) but this is BEYOND gross. Shame on her.'

A user wrote, "Maybe not soon, but someday it’s all going to click for these kids and they will leave kzb to grow old alone, happily pretending they don’t even know this woman, and I don’t think any of us could blame them" while another chimed in to say, "That’s so weird. Why would she post this from 2 years ago?! Unhinged."'

'RHOA’ star Kim Zolciak-Biermann says she is ‘happy’ for daughter Brielle’s engagement

Brielle Biermann recently shared the joyous news of her engagement to minor league baseball player Billy Seidl.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann, Brielle's mother, took to Instagram to express her excitement and happiness for the couple, sharing photos of the engagement moment and her reaction to the news.

In her Instagram post, Kim wrote, “I’m so happy for @briellebiermann @bseidl21 nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids happy! It’s the best feeling EVER!! Love you both to the moon and back and look forward to alllll the years to come.”

Included in the post were snapshots capturing the heartfelt moment of Seidl proposing on one knee, Brielle's elation as she shared the news with her mother over the phone, and Kim's joyful reaction, seemingly taken by surprise.

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‘RHOA’ star Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s daughter Brielle’s Land Rover gets repossessed for ‘unmade payments’

Kim Zolciak and her daughter, Brielle Biermann, have been ordered by a Georgia judge to surrender their 2019 Range Rover due to missed payments.

The turnover order obtained by Page Six mandates that they hand over the keys to law enforcement or disclose the car's location for repossession. Ally Bank, the lender, filed a lawsuit against them in December 2023 for unpaid amounts, totaling $83,969.35 as of May last year.

Brielle had agreed to monthly payments of $1,903 for the vehicle. This development adds to the financial challenges facing Zolciak and her family.

Brielle Biermann's land rover has been seized due to missed payments (Instagram/@briellebiermann)

‘RHOA’ star Kim Zolciak-Biermann files for financial records protective order amid divorce with ex-husband Kroy Biermann

Amidst a contentious divorce from her husband, retired football player Kroy Biermann, 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' star Kim Zolciak faces a series of financial challenges.

The couple reportedly owes the IRS over $1 million in taxes and recently faced a $230,000 order from Simmons Bank due to defaulting on a home equity line of credit. Legal battles include suits from Saks/Capital One for $150,000 in unpaid credit card debt and a claim from Target for nearly $2.5 million.

Additionally, Brielle Biermann, Kim's daughter, was sued by American Express for $12,870.25.

Legal documents obtained by Radar Online reveal that reality star Kim Zolciak has taken measures to safeguard her personal information from public disclosure. In a filing dated February 5th, Zolciak expressed her readiness to participate in discovery proceedings but awaits a ruling on the matter.

Kim Zolciak is taking measures to safeguard her personal information from public disclosure (Instagram/@kimzbiermann)