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How did Racquel Sabean die? Dad slams cops who let ‘master of disguise’ BF Tyler Adams escape

Tyler Adams, who uses more than a dozen aliases, is wanted for questioning in the disappearance of ex-navy veteran Racquel Sabean
Racquel Sabean was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend Tyler Adams who fled the country (Screenshot CBS 8 San Diego)
Racquel Sabean was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend Tyler Adams who fled the country (Screenshot CBS 8 San Diego)

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: After turning into a subject of interest in the death of his girlfriend, a fugitive fled from the police and now the victim's family is criticizing the officers who allowed the "master of disguise" to flee. Racquel Sabean, a 40-year-old former US Navy veteran from San Diego, California was discovered dead inside a red and white cooler in the trunk of her Volkswagen Jetta in Tijuana, Mexico, back in late May.

Racquel's father, David Sabean, informed CBS that the results of the autopsy revealed that her neck had been broken. Police then looked for Tyler Adams, 50, who had been Racquel's lover for two years and was also the father of her third child, Valentina. She was just seven months old when her mother was killed and vanished after Racquel's body was discovered. After an Amber Alert was sent out for Valentina on June 15, local authorities in Tecate, Mexico captured Adams. In Playas de Rosarito, Valentina was also securely discovered that day in the care of a babysitter and she was taken into protective custody. The authorities claim that Adams refused to cooperate during his interrogation in Mexico, and as a result, he ultimately crossed the border into the United States to leave the nation by using one of his many aliases, "Aaron Bain," he got away.


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David Sabean, Racquel's father, who has publicly criticized the law enforcement organizations Adams was under the custody of, spoke exclusively with The Sun. “They should have been more careful in what they were doing. The Mexican police should have been careful," he said. On June 15, Adams was located and taken into custody by the Mexican authorities. "The San Diego police should have been careful," Sabean said. Although Sabean did thank them for capturing Adams, he believed they erred by letting him go. "The customs agents that let them go through with the fake ID, should have been careful. Probably the FBI also should have been careful, all of them. Nobody wants to take the blame,” he added. More so, he asserted that the agency ought to have maintained better contact with other law enforcement agencies.

“Why would you give somebody a fake ID? "You know that’s not him," Sabean told The Sun. Sabean questioned why the Mexican Police didn't wait for the San Diego police or the FBI. “Why wouldn't you wait, why wouldn’t you inform the custom agents? Hey, this guy is a fugitive.”

The San Diego Reader revealed that according to Hawaii's officials, Adams was a "master of disguise," a "con man," and a "sociopath who had no regard for the victims’ property or those who might be affected by his criminal activity."

Given that Adams was detained in Mexico, according to Sabean, the Mexican authorities were mostly to blame. Adams is still at large; in addition to being a person of interest in the murder of Racquel he is also wanted by the state of Hawaii for first- and second-degree theft.