How did Pokimane help Mizkif deal with 'stress' of being top Twitch streamer?

How did Pokimane help Mizkif deal with 'stress' of being top Twitch streamer?
Mizkif revealed that Pokimane gave him the best advice (@realmizkif, @pokimanelol/ Instagram)

Twitch streamer Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo recently revealed how Pokimane helped him deal with "stress" by giving him the finest streaming advice. Mizkif has been embroiled in numerous issues throughout his streaming career. 

Mizkif landed in hot water after Adrianah Lee accused him of covering up a sexual assault she suffered at the hands of another streamer. He apologized for oversimplifying the subject, but his content group, One True King (OTK), suspended him for a few months. After an inquiry determined that he did not seek to cover up the sexual assault occurrence, he was later reinstated in the organization.


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'There’s a lot of stress'

Now that Mizkif is frequently streaming on Twitch, he is occasionally open about the stresses that he faces as a streamer. He confessed in a short Q&A video on YouTube that he is frequently stressed out at work due to various kinds of circumstances. Streaming isn't easy, from entertaining thousands of viewers every day to dealing with harsh comments and even having a large team of workers rely on him for their income.


“There’s a lot of stress that goes along with being a streamer, and the whole saying, ‘more money, more problems’ is true,” he explained. He further added "As I grew OTK, as I grew more employees, it gets very stressful having a lot of people rely on you,” according to Dexerto's report.

Mizkif went on to explain that he's tired of being "stressed and annoyed" by streaming and stated a desire to pursue other opportunities, such as starting a podcast and moving to Los Angeles to collaborate with other creators.



'There’s no way to stop it'

He revealed that fellow streamer Pokimane provided him with some sound advice on coping with one of the most difficult aspects of being a live stream - being a public figure entails constant scrutiny. 


“It’s very hard to really feel your self-worth at all,” he continued. “And that whirlwind of up-and-down gets very exhausting. I actually talked to Poki about this and she told me, she’s like, ‘Miz, it’s a shield you build up over time and there’s no way to stop it.’ And she’s right.”

“I’ve built up a really solid shield to not care as much about negative comments because you start to realize who you are. And I know who I am.” Mizkif believes streaming is not as enjoyable as it appears, with many content creators facing abuse.

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 How did Pokimane help Mizkif deal with 'stress' of being top Twitch streamer?