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Pokimane: Does the popular Twitch streamer have boyfriend? A look at her dating history

Pokimane and Kevin Kim have flirted on camera, sparking rumors that they may be dating
Pokimane and Kevin Kim have been close friends for a long time and have appeared in many videos together (OTVMunchables!/YouTube)
Pokimane and Kevin Kim have been close friends for a long time and have appeared in many videos together (OTVMunchables!/YouTube)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Imane 'Pokimane' Anys, a popular Twitch streamer, gave a glimpse into her romantic life through a TikTok video. Despite her previous reluctance to share personal relationships with the public, fans have often speculated about Pokimane's love life, making this revelation all the more intriguing.

Known affectionately as Poki, the streamer has amassed an impressive following of over 9.3 million on Twitch. Despite alterations to her streaming schedule, Pokimane attracts a substantial viewership whenever she streams. Beyond her streaming success, she also co-founded the talent management company RTS and her clothing brand Cloak. Pokimane's influence extends beyond the gaming world, capturing the attention and admiration of a broad audience.


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Who is Pokimane currently dating?

Pokimane's popularity means she has frequently found herself at the center of controversies and rumors. Among her devoted fanbase, speculation surrounding her romantic life has been a particularly hot topic. While Pokimane has maintained her reluctance to discuss personal relationships with her viewers, the rumor mill began churning once again following her recent TikTok vlog showcasing the Streamer Awards.

In the video, she briefly revealed a "handsome man" sitting beside her, deliberately averting his gaze from the camera. Although she did not disclose his identity, fans speculated that it could be Kevin Kim, a friend of Pokimane's who has made numerous appearances in her streams and has been rumored to be her boyfriend.


During a Twitch stream last year, Pokimane and Kevin were directly asked about their relationship status. Rather than confirming or denying the rumors, they expressed their discomfort with anonymous individuals probing into their personal lives. However, despite their response, many fans persisted in supporting the idea of them being together. Pokimane's video has now reignited hope among her followers that the two might indeed be involved romantically.


Pokimane's dating history

While Pokimane is known for being quite transparent with her fans, she prefers to keep her love life out of the public eye. This decision has led to her supporters often speculating about potential relationships with other streamers and online personalities. In a YouTube video where she addressed fan assumptions about her, Pokimane explicitly stated her stance on not making her relationships public.


She expressed concerns about the inevitable scrutiny that comes with sharing personal connections, citing examples of other public couples who had to navigate the difficult process of announcing their breakups to the world. Pokimane reflected on this and shared her reservations, saying, "I don't know if I want to go through that, know what I'm saying."