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Who is Christopher Ayres' girlfriend Krystal LaPorte? Frieza voice actor dies at 56

Ayres took over the role of Lord Frieza in the Funimation's English release of 'Dragon Ball Z Kai' in 2010
UPDATED OCT 20, 2021
Voice actress Krystal LaPorte announced the death of her boyfriend and voice actor Christopher Reyes on Twitter (Krystal LaPorte/Twitter)
Voice actress Krystal LaPorte announced the death of her boyfriend and voice actor Christopher Reyes on Twitter (Krystal LaPorte/Twitter)

'Dragon Ball' fans had shocking news delivered to them as the voice of Frieza actor Christopher Ayres died at 56. Ayres had been a part of the voice acting world for some years and had quite a few popular performances to his name. The most memorable performance he's delivered till date for which fans of the 'Dragon Ball' series will forever remember him is for voicing the evil tyrant, Frieza. Ayres took over the role in the Funimation's English release of 'Dragon Ball Z Kai' in 2010 and continued to play the role till the end of 'Dragon Ball Super' anime run with the release of 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly'.

Ayres went to be known as one of the most memorable anime villain performers of all time. He is known for his very nuanced performances not just as Frieza but also for every other character he helped bring alive with his voice for his fans around the world. Ayres' fans as well as stars of the 'Dragon Ball' series took to Twitter to mourn his passing. "Rest In Peace, Christopher Ayres. Thank you for all that you've done for so many fans. We’ll miss you dearly," Funimation tweeted. "Rest in Peace Christopher Ayres. We extend our sincerest condolences to Chris's family and friends and to his many fans around the world," Anime Central tweeted. "I can’t stop crying about the loss of my dear friend and colleague, Chris Ayers. I never thought I’d say this because I used to tease him about it all the time, but thank you Chris, for the Love and Laughter, Always…I’ll see you in Otherworld bro, and we’ll spar again, Frieza," Sean Schemmel tweeted. 


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Who is Christopher Ayres's girlfriend Krystal LaPorte?

Krystal LaPorte announced Ayres's death on Twitter with a lengthy note along with several pictures of herself with the late actor. "On October 18th at 8:40 pm my world went dark. Christopher Owen Ayres passed away peacefully, held close by his mother, brother, and girlfriend, and his arm wrapped around his Atticus pillow. He was able to pet the real thing hours beforehand. His hands were held. His face was kissed. We played Jim Croce, The Charlie Chaplin musical, and one hand stayed on my waist as I held the other while Unchained Melody played, the song we knew would be the first dance at our wedding. His mother and brother told stories of his childhood as he left. Read the complete note here.

"I have never been alive in a world where Chris wasn't. I am scared of it. So much of humanity's kindness, compassion, gentleness, bravery, generosity, and integrity were concentrated in one man. Everything feels so much colder. Chris loved you all. How much he loved other people filled the vast majority of our conversations. To those of you who truly loved him back, thank you. To those of you who stayed in touch, checked on him, reminded him that he was so, so much more than his job, you were the fuel of his fight. You fed the dreams of a future that kept him going longer than any normal person could go," LaPorte wrote. The American actress is known for voicing the characters of Mirai Kuriyama in the 'Kyoukai no Kanata' series, Tina in 'Overlord', Kohina Hiruko in 'Black Bullet', Yui Takamura in 'Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse', Shiori Asagiri in 'Tamako Market', and Cherri Bomb in 'The Hazbin Hotel', Marie in 'Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town?!'