How did BTB Savage die? Texas rapper boasted about killing a man who attempted to rob him

How did BTB Savage die? Texas rapper boasted about killing a man who attempted to rob him
BTB Savage was shot dead on March 30, 2023 (@btb_.savage/Instagram)

RIVER OAKS CITY, TEXAS: Texas rapper BTB Savage, 26, was fatally shot on Thursday, May 30, just days after he boasted about killing a man who allegedly attempted to rob him at his San Antonio apartment. His heartbroken mom said she had warned the rapper to take down posts about the shooting, just hours before the father-of-one was shot dead in a revenge shooting. 

"I said take that off social media," Bernita Ward told ABC13, reported Daily Mail. "Let this family mourn in peace. They were taunting my son, though, telling him they were going to kill the family, make his momma cry, and kill his son. I told my son, 'Don't respond. Let it go'. But their family members came to rob my son." The rapper's mom claims she has no doubt that his murder is linked to the armed robbery.


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How did BTB Savage die?

Born as Darrell Gentry was shot dead near River Oaks city near Fort Worth in Texas on Thursday. He served in the military for four years and is a father to a four-year-old son. The 26-year-old made headlines this week after he gave his account of how he and his girlfriend fought off an attempted robbery at his apartment in February. However, just hours before he was gunned down, the rapper posted an Instagram post of standing in the middle of the bloody crime scene. Ward believes her son was killed in "retaliation" for interviews and Instagram posts. Houston police say the two suspects accused of shooting Gentry were in a black Subaru, donned in black with hoodies and shades, and fled on San Felipe.



What happened during the armed robbery?

During his interview with VLAD-TV, Gentry spoke of the harrowing ordeal and said, a group contacted him to collab on a song, which the rapper believed would ignite his career. However, when the supposed two men arrived at his apartment in San Antonio, they tried to rob him. They exchanged gunshots, with Gentry being allegedly shot in the elbow. The rapper then instructed his girlfriend to shoot one of the assailants, while the other man fled the scene. Gentry further described the alleged intruder then pleaded with him for mercy and said he "had kids too," but he told him, "I don't give a f*** about you. You're going to die."

When Gentry and his family were leaving to go to a hospital to tend to his arm, the shot man begged him to take him too. "He like 'come on bro take me with you bro I can make it to the hospital,' I just need to make it to hospital." "I was like I ain't taking you to no f****** hospital boy. If they come save you then they come save you. If not then you're gone. Last day. Last supper. Whoever the f*** you ate before you came here." When the interviewer question him, if he was concerned about retaliation, Gentry said, "They might do what they do, but I'm going to get active. That's all that it is."

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 How did BTB Savage die? Texas rapper boasted about killing a man who attempted to rob him