How did Andy Neiman die? Body of Andy Cohen's missing friend found on Hudson river shores

Andy Neiman, a beloved actor, playwright and father of one, had a history of mental illness including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

                            How did Andy Neiman die? Body of Andy Cohen's missing friend found on Hudson river shores
Andy Cohen's childhood friend Andy Neiman has been found dead a month after he went missing from mental hospital (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, GoFundMe)

Actor and playwright Andy Neiman, who was reported missing just last month by childhood friend Andy Cohen, has been found dead. Neiman was 48 at the time and believed to be have diagnosed with schizophrenia. He went missing from the MidHudson Regional Hospital in Poughkeepsie, New York, on May 21. Neiman had begged his sister Emily Asher Abramson to take him to the hospital after feeling heavily distressed. He was promised a bed by afternoon, but late at nine, Neiman found himself still waiting in the emergency room. At that point, he got up and left and that was the last anybody saw of him. 

Neiman, whom Cohen has known since they attended camp together in childhood, had a history of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, including apparent overdose. Following his disappearance, Neiman's friend Stephanie Saur had also started a GoFundMe to "HELP AND SUPPORT ANDY's FAMILY", according to the fundraiser's title. The fundraiser has raised $46,555 of its $100K goal. Almost a month since, Saur has now updated the crowdfunding page in Neiman's name to inform donors: "We are utterly heartbroken to share that Andy's body has been found in Poughkeepsie," she wrote. "THANK YOU to all who have given so much to help with the search." Saur continued: "The funds previously donated will cover funeral costs and we're increasing our goal to raise additional funds to support Andy's 8-year-old daughter," adding: "Thanks to all who have contributed to this effort."


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Asher Abramson also confirmed the news of Neiman's death on a public Facebook group that had been started to help the missing search. "Yesterday it was confirmed that the body found on the Hudson River shoreline in Poughkeepsie on Wednesday was indeed him," Abramson confirmed, adding: "As before, when we were on the hunt to bring him home, your words of love and prayer and encouragement bring me great comfort at this time. Do not be afraid of saying the wrong thing. Thank you for being the web that I can fall into."

How did Andy Neiman die?

On the night of May 21, at 9.30 pm, the Town of Poughkeepsie Police called Abramson and her husband Simon, and informed them that Neiman had gone missing. The artist was last seen in blue/green hospital scrubs and slippers and had allegedly left without any money, glasses, shoes, phone, or even ID. Neiman's sister and brother-in-law were told a patrol car would be on the lookout for him, and the next day all police were alerted including the New York State Troopers, and the Dutchess and Ulster County sheriffs to keep an eye out for Neiman. Poughkeepsie detective Brad Cookinham was also assigned the case, with scent-sniffing dogs deployed later that week.

After intense rallying from over 1,900 people who had joined the Find Andy Facebook group and some 450 people including broadway performers who helped raise funds on the GoFundMe account, Neiman's tragic fate has finally been disclosed. But while it was revealed his body had finally been found, there was no confirmed cause of death. However, back when Cohen had shared a flyer for Neiman's disappearance, he was described as a "missing vulnerable adult with schizophrenia".

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Neiman wrote suicide note last year, overdosed 9 weeks ago

The Hudson Valley One also notes that Neiman had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1995, with the outlet claiming Neiman's brother David had revealed that "the psychotropic medication Seroquel stabilized Andy for 13 years, until it lost its efficacy. Higher doses didn’t help." Last year, Neiman had also allegedly written a suicide note, after confiding in his brother David of a physical pain that began after a vasectomy two years ago. Neiman had called his life a torture chamber, the outlet reports, with the pandemic making this even more difficult for the troubled artist.

Nine weeks before he went missing, Neiman had also overdosed. He had proclaimed at the time that he wanted "the old Andy to die, so a new Andy could be born," the outlet adds. Looking for in-patient treatment all over the country, Neiman's siblings thought a Pennsylvania facility might be the answer, but he walked out just three days later. Neiman headed straight for his sister's home but just hours after arriving, he begged for immediate relief as his psychosis seemed to be aggravating. He was rushed to the hospital immediately, but hours later, still waiting for a bed, Neiman decided to walk out. It's not certain if Neiman was met with some fatal accident, or if he took his own life. It's also not been clarified if the incident was another apparent overdose, intentional or otherwise.