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'He wanted to break one of your ribs and eat it': Women describe Armie Hammer's sick requests in new docu

In the trailer of the docu series, accusers Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison talk about their allegedly violent confrontations with the 'Rebecca' actor
UPDATED AUG 11, 2022
Julia Morrison, Armie Hammer, and Courtney Vucekovich appear in the trailer for the new Discovery+ documentary 'House of Hammer' (YouTube/discoveryplus)
Julia Morrison, Armie Hammer, and Courtney Vucekovich appear in the trailer for the new Discovery+ documentary 'House of Hammer' (YouTube/discoveryplus)

Armie Hammer was having a great run. His career was on the uptick, his movies were hits and he was touted to be Hollywood's 'Golden Boy. However, a slew of allegations calling the actor out for his violent sexual fantasies involving rape and cannibalism, brought everything down like a house of cards. The 'Call Me by your Name' actor's aunt Casey and two of his accusers appear in a new documentary titled 'House of Hammer' which sheds light on the disgraced actor's claimed violent sexual fantasies and dark family background. Accusers Julia Morrison and Courtney Vucekovich discuss their allegedly violent interactions with him in a new trailer for the documentary.

Hammer made headlines as allegations of violence and emotional abuse surfaced. The documentary will also focus on the alleged coverup of abuse charges dating back five generations of his family. 'House of Hammer,' a three-part Discovery+ documentary digging into the Hammer family's "sinister secrets that money and power couldn't hide forever," chronicles the now-disgraced actor's life of alcoholism, alleged BDSM, and adultery. “You don’t just wake up and become this dark controller, abuser,” a narrator said in the eerie video. “This behavior is deep-rooted.”


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Who is Courtney Vucekovich?

Courtney Vucekovich is the inventor of the app FLASHD that offers on-demand beauty services. Through the FLASH app, Dallas residents may book "glam squads" for hair, makeup, and photography. “Simply give us the time and location – kickback and let our technology do the work. Our beauty pros will arrive with all the products, tools and tricks to have you looking and FEELING your best,” the description says. She also helps as a foster coordinator at Paws In The City, a Dallas-based animal rescue center, according to her LinkedIn profile. She also received her bachelor's degree in mass communications from the Texas Tech University in 2011. Vucekovich has 25.6K Instagram followers.


Hammer announced his divorce from Elizabeth Chambers in July 2020. Vucekovich apparently dated the actor from June to August the same year, and he was spotted in a handful of her Instagram photos. She made allegations regarding his behavior during the relationship and made analogies to the cannibal allegations in a series of interviews broadcast on January 14, 2021.

Vucekovich met Hammer through mutual acquaintances in June, and they hit it off right away. Speaking on her relationship, as per Daily Mail, she said, “'He's a very charming, intense human being. But once you start talking to him, he's pretty aggressive right from the start. Not violent, but just sexually aggressive in the way he speaks.”

Vucekovich claimed that he “was really into saying he wants to break one of your ribs and eat it. Like barbecue it and eat it.”
Furthermore, Vucekovich stated that Hammer's strange conduct was so extreme that she entered into a 30-day intensive treatment course for trauma and PTSD immediately after their split to deal with their "warped" relationship. She was unable to confirm whether the screenshots circulating on Instagram were genuine, but she stated that they did not surprise her.

Who is Julia Morrison?

Julia alias Jelly Morrison, a young Brooklyn-based writer and artist, caught Hammer's eye when she was highlighted as a talent on the Instagram of Sarah Bahbah, a visual artist with 1 million followers. In a series named 'For Arabella,' a photographic study of a toxic relationship, Bahbah's photos of her included captions like 'Lost in Existential Thoughts.' Hammer's initial conversation with Morrison began in 2017 with, "Hello, I hope this finds you well. So I’m writing because the images from For Arabella are amazing and I was wondering if there was anywhere to see it in Los Angeles."

Morrison ignored this message until she was informed by a woman she met while working on a film at USC before the lockdown that Hammer was following her. She discovered the text and contacted him. "What’s more ubiquitous and of the zeitgeist than a horny rich dude sliding into a girl’s DM?" she said sarcastically. A DM is an InternetSpeak term for a Direct Message. Morrison never met Hammer face to face, but they had a genuine chat. This went on for a while, but It faded out after a few frightening turns, and she answers the second part of her own question here, "An NFT of that girl’s DM is utterly zeitgeisty. Morrison revels in "a moment in time, like Jackson Pollock drips paint on a canvas. Own a part of internet history, and the first NFT minted within the #MeToo Movement."

Following the uproar, Hammer backed out of a number of high-profile projects, including the Broadway production of 'The Minutes.' A 24-year-old woman named only Effie accused the actor of raping her in 2017 around two months later, the texts were uploaded. Hammer allegedly attended a rehab center shortly after to address drug, alcohol, and sex issues. He has kept a low profile for the majority of 2022, and was last spotted working at a luxury resort in the Cayman Islands.