'House Hunters: Comedians on Couches': John Mulaney's fun commentary is the highlight of the second episode

Mulaney has been a fan of the show for a very long time. In the episode, he also said that the show has been his greatest joy and greatest source of rage

                            'House Hunters: Comedians on Couches': John Mulaney's fun commentary is the highlight of the second episode

'House Hunters: Comedians on Couches' premiered on June 11 with two back to back episodes. The show sees comedians Dan Levy and Natasha Leggero invite some of their comedian friends to join them in a virtual watch party to watch an episode of 'House Hunters'. The result? Hilarious commentary. The first episode saw Whitney Cummings joining Levy and Leggero. For the second episode, John Mulaney joined the watch party and he said that he wanted nothing more than to watch TV with them, especially 'HH' his "greatest joy and greatest source of rage". In this episode, the trio watched in disbelief as the couple around who the episode was based on, chose a house that was "terrible". 

In the second episode, LA based couple Luke and Ryan were looking for their first home and they'd narrowed down on the Joshua Tree locale as the one where they wanted it to be. Luke, a wardrobe stylist, wanted a house that could also be a project, meaning he wanted something that he could personalize on his own. He also wanted a wild element to the house and even though he didn't mention it on his wishlist before they set on their journey to see the houses with their agent Faisal Alserri, Luke really had a problem with having neighbors too close to the house. He also wished for something that was spread across multiple acres. 

His partner Ryan, a social media professional and a professional roller skater, wanted a turnkey house that they could move into, immediately. He wanted a house with a modern feel and clean and large spaces, the one wherein they could entertain guests in, without having to worry about space. He also wanted a property with an area that ran into a couple of acres. 

In the episode, the couple saw three houses - a modern house with a curb, a ranch house, and the third one was a medieval castle. They liked the first house and all its facilities but the price was above their budget and the neighbors were too close for Luke's liking, the second house captivated Ryan and he fell in love it with but Luke hated it and so did the comedians. The third house, a castle kind of establishment didn't impress anyone but Luke who loved it even though none of the rooms were ready on the property. 

The comedians had a lot of fun with the demands of the couple beginning with Ryan's hope to entertain guests. They joked about the fact that he believes people would come that far up in the valley area to meet them. Further on in the episode, one of the houses the couple turned up to see also had a massage room. Mulaney said that he's seen a lot of these on 'HH' episodes before and wishes to see an operating table someday in some house. Mulaney also felt strongly about Ryan fixating on a "terrible and atrocious house" and wanted to know if he's taken one too many spins on his skates because he's giddy. The couple spent a lot of time discussing whether they should purchase the castle house and Mulaney noted that their ambition was "admirable just like when Russia shot that dog into space". The trio collectively yelled "No" when it was revealed that the couple finally settled for the castle at the end of the episode. 

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