'House Hunters: Comedians on Couches': Whitney Cummings enjoys a couple's frustrating home-buying journey

Justin and Sara want to buy a house and they have their set of demands, all of which Justin's been updating on an extensive google spreadsheet

                            'House Hunters: Comedians on Couches': Whitney Cummings enjoys a couple's frustrating home-buying journey

The first episode of the series 'House Hunters: Comedians on Couches' saw a newly-wed couple from Queens — Justin and Sara — look for their perfect house in Fairfield, Connecticut. Comedians Dan Levy and Natasha Leggero are huge fans and are "addicted" to 'House Hunters' and HGTV gave them an entire show where they could watch and be vocal about their feelings for the annoying demands made by the homebuyers. This is the first of the four-episode long series and they invited over Whitney Cummings to watch the show with them. Before they could express their displeasure and colorful opinions about the couple's homebuying experience, Natasha decided to talk about Dan and Leggero's houses. "Are you in Mar-a-Lago?" she said of Leggero's palm leaves printed walls and then moved on to ask Levy if the wooden backboard behind him was from the bed from Golden Girls. 

It was now time for them to watch Justin and Sara find a house that meets their needs and is within budget. They arrive in Fairfield and over a quick lunch decide to go over what they're looking for one last time. The comedians lost it when they saw Justin pull out an extensive spreadsheet with all his demands written in it. He is a graphic designer and his job requires him to be in NYC a couple of days in the week. So he wanted a house closer to the train. He also wanted a home office. To this Leggero quipped that he needed a home office to work on his spreadsheets. Levy still couldn't believe that he needed a spreadsheet to look at three houses and Cummings thought it was wild that he had created one. 

The couple's wishlist included an exquisite bathtub, trees in the backyard or front lawn for Justin to try slacklining. Sara even walked around with a photo of her birdhouse that she purchased online and wanted a cape cod kind of a house that matched it. Their budget was $400,000 and helping them with the search was George Papageorge, a real estate agent, and his name gave the comedians a giggle or two. 

As is common with couples on 'House Hunters', Justin and Sara had the option to see three houses. The first two that they saw were great houses but they started to fixate on small things — the window trimmings are too dark, there is too much brown in the house, the bathtub is not great or there's a lack of trees for slacklining. All of these demands agitated the comedians but the couple finally settled for the first house they visited as the exteriors matched Sara's birdhouse and the place was close to the train as well as the beach. 

'House Hunters: Comedians on Couches' will air the remaining three episodes from the season between Tuesday and Thursday — June 16, 17 and 18. 

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