'Hotel Paranormal' Episode 8: Boarders and employee witness the wicked come out to play at the witching hour

In the latest episode of Travel Channel's 'Hotel Paranormal', Marnie Streit, Ronald Evans, Robert Serna and Jane Dance encounter malicious entities in the dead of night

                            'Hotel Paranormal' Episode 8: Boarders and employee witness the wicked come out to play at the witching hour
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In the daylight, everything seems clearer and explicable. But when night falls and the darkness dawns, things can change. At the stroke of midnight, during what is also known as 'The Witching Hour', wicked things come out to play. In the latest episode of Travel Channel's 'Hotel Paranormal', Marnie Streit, Ronald Evans, Robert Serna and Jane Dance encounter malicious entities in the dead of night.

Marnie Streit  and Ronald Evans- Upstate New York, 2014

Marnie Streit (Travel Channel)

The first time Streit laid her eyes upon the inn, she was mesmerized. She knew she wished to make some renovations to the old establishment so it could be opened to the public, and worked day in and day out towards that goal. Whilst busy with the repairs underway, Streit heard a large bang and footsteps, seemingly belonging to someone pacing back and forth on the floor above her. She found this particularly unnerving since she was the only person in the building. The sounds grew louder, and then, suddenly ceased altogether. After working until almost midnight, she headed into a coveted room in the older part of the inn, the Alpine room, for some shut-eye but was awakened by the room door slamming open and shut on its own.

Days before the inn was set to have its grand opening, Streit ventured into the attic where she hoped to find old treasures to go with the 1850s stagecoach furniture she had already found. Feeling like she wasn't by herself, she had her guard up but heard something like a growl moments later and fled the darkroom. She knew that whatever it was that was in there had malicious intentions. A few nights later with the inn open for business, well-past midnight, Streit headed back to the Alpine room. As she was drifting off to sleep, she heard she felt a pressure on her back and the two syllables of what sounded like 'get out'. But that did not deter her from her business goals.

Ronald Evans (Travel Channel)

Ronald Evans, a former corrections officer, and his wife had been guests staying overnight at the hotel. Seeing that the inn had been very busy, the only room available was the Alpine room, whilst he was working on renovations. Streit clued the Evans in on the eerie happenings in the hotel and other guests' testimonials about the same. That night, Evans was only fading into sleep when he felt his legs been slammed together by intangible force. It lasted a couple of minutes until it stopped, but he was unable to fall asleep for the rest of the night. Later, a psychic medium visited Streit at the inn and told her to get rid of an antique porcelain black-haired doll in the Alpine room. He informed her that the room used to be a servant quarters, and a young boy who died there and was looking for his doll.

Robert Serna - New Orleans, 2011

Along the Mississipi river, in a town known for its history of the paranormal, dark covens and voodoo, stands a historic hotel, once rumored to be a funeral home. Robert Serna and his husband were guests at the bed and breakfast, having found it affordable and at the right location for their little adventure. The hotel had a very old feeling to it, with antique furniture and ornate interiors. The couple was given the key to a big room, that they were really excited about, having paid only a fraction of the price any other hotel would have charged them. Feeling lucked out, they settled themselves in their rooms but were interrupted by the noise coming, from the floor above, of loud footsteps, and unbeknownst to them, disembodied voices.

Robert Serna (Travel Channel)

When they approached the hotel manager to find out about the noise, they were confused upon learning that there no guests beyond the floor that they had been living in. Even so, Serna and his husband didn't let this deter their plans and ventured out into the streets of New Orleans to experience the culture and life. They made it back to the hotel past midnight, completely worn out and exhausted from their rendezvous, and headed straight to bed. Serna had a night of very disturbed sleep, plagued by nightmares and fear. The next day the couple spent another day in the city, sightseeing and upon returning to the hotel, settled in for the night. 

Serna's husband was woken up around 3 am when he felt a presence in the room. Assuming that it was him in the darkness, he called out to Serna who he thought was heading into the bathroom but realized it was empty and Serna was asleep right next to him. The following day, the couple have an eerie experience when the room became animated in the middle of the day, slamming doors open and shut on its own while the chandelier swayed violently. The fled the room and the hotel, and dreaded their return, even though they decided to brave it out for one more night before they had to leave the city. The activity had become more aggressive and the couple was awakened by their bed being shaken.

Jane Dance - Western Canada, 1996

Jane Dance (Travel Channel)

Jane Dance and her friend had taken a trip to an unfamiliar city in Western Canada, where her boyfriend had moved to, hoping to surprise him. But her timing was off because her boyfriend had been out of town. Not having a place to stay, the two girls found lodging in a hotel and planned to spend their night there. As soon as they entered the room, Dance was hit with the pungent smell of urine, but her friend couldn't smell it. They also realized that the room was chillier than the weather outside.

Dance then checked in with her boyfriend, who knew about the hotel, and he asked to find a different hotel for the night. After hanging up on the phone, she started experiencing some odd activity and suddenly she was terrified. She saw a weird light shine from the outside and heard noises in the bathroom, where she was presented with blood in the sink. Crippled with fear she sat down on her side of the bed, when she heard footsteps come out of the bedroom towards her and then felt something sit on the bed next to her. She and her friend immediately grabbed their bags and left the room. Later, her boyfriend told her that the room had been the site of a recent murder.

'Hotel Paranormal' airs on Saturdays at 10/9c on Travel Channel.

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