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'Hot Chocolate Holiday' Review: Conflicts over recipe and love in air

Colette continues to blame Marcus for stealing recipe until she felt she was wrong. Colette started feeling for him and supported him in hard times
Aubrey Reynolds and Jonny Swenson in 'Hot Chocolate Holiday' (IMDb)
Aubrey Reynolds and Jonny Swenson in 'Hot Chocolate Holiday' (IMDb)

Lifetime just aired a brand new Christmas movie with a lot of love and romance. The love chemistry in the movie between the two characters was super cute and adorable! 'Hot Chocolate Holiday' is a love romcom with the addition of a little drama to add some spice in the movie. The movie revolves around Colette (Aubrey Reynolds) and Marcus (Jonny Swenson).

The official synopsis of one the best Christmas movie reads,  "Colette runs a coffee shop that is known for her secret and famous hot chocolate. Marcus, a new dessert shop owner, starts to draw in Colette's customers, she is determined to expose him." Lifetime's Christmas movie ' Hot chocolate Holiday' is a perfect combination of romance and drama. The creatively written story between Colette (Aubrey Reynolds) and Marcus (Jonny Swenson) nabs the eyeball and creates interest. 


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Spoilers for 'Hot Chocolate Holiday'

The movie couldn't have a better start, other than the bright music when both the business makers, Colette and Marcus, were busy doing their work at their own store. Colette owns a cafe, whereas Marcus owns a pastry shop. Everything seemed to be good and happening between them both until Colette discovered that Marcus had made the same hot chocolate that she was selling as her speciality. Colette was really distracted and started to blame Marcus for stealing her secret recipe for hot chocolate. The movie became funnier when Colette acted like a detective by sending her co-workers anonymously to Marcus's pastry shop to order hot chocolate and ask for the recipe. It even became dramatic when she asked one of her co-workers to make a video of him making the hot chocolate.

Things started troubling Colette very much because she thought her recipe had been stolen, making her a huge loss. In addition, her sales were also falling during the time of Christmas that made her more disappointed and upset. She started to decorate the Christmas Tree, which she could not because her mind was on the hot chocolate that was created by Marcus. She ended up breaking the Christmas Tree that she bought with her other mother. When she was visiting the store for purchasing a new Christmas Tree, she came into Marcus as he confronted he had not stolen anyone's recipe.

Colette and Marcus in 'Hot Chocolate Holiday'

Colette also disclosed her plan to sell her hot chocolate nationwide that she was planning with Mr Frank. After meeting Marcus in the Christmas Tree store, she felt that Marcus was not wrong. So, after feeling a little satisfied, she started to work on her dry mix recipe, which she wanted to sell nationwide.

Everything was going fine, but Marcus's pastry shop accidentally caught fire that burnt everything and left nothing but Marcus disappointed with all the loss. Marcus thought of getting the renovated, but that didn't go how he planned because of the failed insurance policy. Marcus was really going through a hard time, but at the same time, Colette supported him in the best possible manner.
Marcus revealed that Thea Redmond, Colette's grandmother gave him the recipe. After knowing this, Colette felt guilty for blaming Marcus and helping him during his worst. She bought him meals, assisted in the demolition work of his burnt pastry shop with Steven and even invited him for dinner at her place. Colette also helped Marcus to sell his pie during Christmas from her store. Colette didn't want Marcus to give upon his pie Sweet Pastries.

Colette and Marcus in Colette's cafe in 'Hot Chocolate Holiday'

Marcus hoped everything would get fine until the bank denied the second loan that he applied to remake his shop. Marcus was hopeless when he received the offer from Mr Frank to sell his recipe of hot chocolate that could help him with financial assistance. Colette earlier denied selling the recipe to Mr. Frank, keeping her grandmother's recipe secret. Marcus was no different. He also rejected the proposal to sell the secret recipe of Thea, which Colette appreciated.
The love chemistry and the bond became so intense that Colette approached Marcus to be her business partner and make a collaboration of Sweet Pastries and Colette's Cafe to work together for helping Marcus with his burnt shop. The movie is a perfect example of love and drama simultaneously. Isn't it amazing to fall in love with the person you were blaming as a thief?