Video captures hair-raising moment sparks fly and debris falls from United Boeing 777 just moments after take-off

Video captures hair-raising moment sparks fly and debris falls from United Boeing 777 just moments after take-off
The aircraft was seen emitting sparks and a bit if rusted metal fell from it (Screenshot from DEFCON/Twitter)

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY: A routine United Airlines fight was forced to make an emergency landing after it was seen emitting sparks and debris was falling from it, just moments after a normal take-off from Newark Airport.

According to reports, the pilot of a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 (registered N787UA) flight went into a holding pattern at 24,000ft over the Atlantic after experiencing a hydraulic pressure pump failure.


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The Aero Explore informed that the Boeing 777-200 was operating between New York Newark, United States, and Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday, September 21, when the incident happened. The report stated that the aircraft made a safe landing back at Newark Airport approximately an hour-and-a-half later.

Screenshot from twitter
Sparks were seen coming out of the aircraft's middle (Twitter screenshot)

The horrific moment was captured by a nearby plane spotter, who was astonished after looking at the sparks coming out of the aircraft. He also took a photograph of a piece of rectangular, rusty-looking piece of debris that fell to the ground.



The video sparked a debate among social media users. "All because someone didn't put their phone on airplane mode," tweeted one user. "Terrible but thanks to the pilot they landed safely," said another.



However, there were no reports of any casualties or injuries reported. The Federal Aviation Administration revealed that the administration had launched an investigation into the matter and technicians were trying to identify the real cause of the damage. However, while the administration was doing their work, some claimed that the incident happened due to the old mechanism of the Boeing.

This is not the first time when a United Airlines’ ageing Boeing has made an emergency landing. In February 2021, a United Airlines Boeing 777 suffered an uncontained engine failure after departing from Denver to Honolulu. A loud bang was heard just four minutes after take-off and pieces of the engine began to plummet to the ground over Broomfield. All 241 passengers and crew were able to land safely 23 minutes after take-off and just 19 minutes after the engine imploded.

With its Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets grounded, a Boeing 757 jet is parked near a United Airlines hanger before a new day of service as United Airlines carries on with its fleet of 777s at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on January 17, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. The Federal Aviation Administration has grounded all U.S.-registered Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets for the repair of batteries believed to be linked to a fire risk following a number of related 787 aircraft incidents this month.
United Airlines' ageing fleet of Boeings are reportedly prone to problems (David McNew/Getty Images)

Post this, United ordered dozens of Boeing 737 Max aircraft which they will receive by the mid of 2023. "With a number of our aircraft nearing the end of their lifecycle and the growth opportunities that we know will exist in the Covid-19 recovery period, this agreement will help us to grow as demand returns," Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Nocella was quoted as saying by Reuters after the agreement was signed in 2021

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