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Honkai Star Rail: Top 5 support characters to help you ace the game

Honkai Star Rail has characters to provide you with a competitive advantage over the strong bosses
Honkai Star Rail had a worldwide release on April 26, 2023 (@honkaisr_es/Twitter)
Honkai Star Rail had a worldwide release on April 26, 2023 (@honkaisr_es/Twitter)

If you are a fan of turn-based games with RPG and strategy elements, look no further than Honkai Star Rail. With its intricate storyline and diverse ensemble of characters, each possessing unique abilities and strengths, this game will keep everyone hooked. In particular, the support characters are the key players in battles. They master the abilities to buff, debuff, heal, and shield their teammates, making them valuable in turning the tide of a battle.

In Honkai Star Rail, support characters are classified into four categories: Harmony, Nihility, Preservation, and Abundance. Each type has its specialization, and players should choose the appropriate support character based on their team's strategy. For example, the Harmony characters enhance the team's abilities, whereas the Nihility characters are skilled at weakening enemies. Meanwhile, the Preservation characters provide defensive support by using shield abilities, and the Abundance characters focus on healing their allies.


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1. Bronya

Bronya is a well-loved and versatile character from Honkai Impact 3rd. She can provide a powerful boost to any team's damage output in Honkai Star Rail. Her skills, including an ATK% boost for the entire team after using her technique, a skill that grants a turn and DMG increase while also removing negative effects from allies, and an ultimate that increases ATK, crit rate, and crit DMG, make her an exceptional pick for an offensive team looking to maximize their damage potential. Despite lacking significant damage utility, Bronya's unique skillset can make her difficult to replace, especially if players have access to her Eidolons.

By integrating Wind and Harmony elements into her abilities, Bronya offers a sense of balance and synergy to any team composition. If you're looking to optimize your team's damage output, consider adding Bronya to your roster and managing her skill points carefully.

2. Bailu

Bailu is a lightning-affiliated character that follows the path of abundance, making her a bountiful source of healing for teams in Honkai Star Rail. Her ability to provide powerful AoE healing effortlessly sets her apart as a top-tier healer. What truly distinguishes Bailu from other healers is her exceptional capacity to save a team member from being knocked down once per battle, potentially turning the tide of a fight in her team's favor.

However, despite her impressive healing abilities, Bailu lacks additional buffs or utilities that may make her replaceable by other healers over time. Overall, Bailu's lightning-fast healing and rescue abilities make her an invaluable addition to any team, especially in challenging battles where every advantage matters.


3. Welt

Welt, the Nihility character, possesses a unique strength in slowing down enemies, making him an essential asset in battles where bosses can inflict massive damage if not hindered. His abilities as an Imaginary character further set him apart, as he can break the weakness of specific enemies.

Welt's skills and ultimate are exceptionally potent, allowing him to debuff opponents and deal significant damage, or break their toughness, establishing him as a highly valuable sub-DPS option. By utilizing Welt's abilities as a Nihility and Imaginary character, players can gain a strategic advantage in combat in Honkai Star Rail.


4. Tingyun

In Honkai Star Rail, players can harness the power of lightning to achieve greater harmony. Among the best 4-star units for offensive support is Tingyun, with her unique Skill that boosts an ally's attack based on her own. Additionally, her Ultimate significantly increases the targeted ally's damage output and grants them 50 energy to unleash their own Ultimate.

Furthermore, Tingyun's Eidolons can make her even more potent and are relatively easy to obtain. These Eidolons offer a range of benefits, including speed boosts, increased DMG multiplier for blessed allies, and more energy generation. For players who prioritize offense, Tingyun is an excellent choice to improve their gameplay and achieve higher ranks in Honkai Star Rail.


5. Gepard

In terms of ice preservation, Gepard is an exceptional defensive support character in the gaming world. His unique abilities enable him to shield the entire team, making him a valuable asset when confronting enemies with strong AOE attacks. Gepard's skill set includes the ability to freeze enemies with a high chance of inflicting damage over time based on his ATK, making him an effective combination of defensive and offensive capabilities.

Moreover, Gepard possesses exceptional talent scaling, which adds to his overall value as a team member. As an ice element character, Gepard can withstand harsh environments and preserve his icy attributes. If you're looking for a team member that can provide excellent ice preservation while also providing exceptional support in Honkai Star Rail, Gepard is your guy.