'Drop dead gorgeous': Mama June's daughter Honey Boo Boo stuns with new look on TikTok leaving fans awed

'Drop dead gorgeous': Mama June's daughter Honey Boo Boo stuns with new look on TikTok leaving fans awed
Mama June's daughter Honey Boo Boo flaunted a new lady-like attitude on internet (TikTok/@lanaaaaaa)

GORDON, GEORGIA: 'Mama June' star Honey Boo Boo has grown before our eyes. We have watched her from participating in pageant shows to growing up apart from her mother, June Shannon, to handling herself all on her own while living with her sister, Pumpkin. It was evident that Honey Boo Boo grew up mentally long before, but now the star has nurtured significant physical changes as she is growing.

Mama June's youngest daughter, Honey Boo Boo, recently uploaded a video on TikTok where the 17-year-old looks unrecognizable. Honey Boo Boo captioned the post, "I'm sorry I just need one minute (with a blinking emoji)." As soon as TLC's teenage star dropped the video on her feed, the comment section flooded with fans claiming how different she has started to look. Keep reading to know all the details.


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Honey Boo Boo stuns the social media feed with her slaying look

Honey Boo Boo uploaded a video on TikTok on Tuesday. She is seen donning her glowing beauty in a blue-colored slip top. The teenage star flaunted her fake eyelashes and glossy lips as she lip-sync saying, "Do you think I look good, Mr. Armstrong?" Honey Boo Boo sported curly golden hair as she recorded in the video. She wore an "Alana" named necklace on her neck. Moreover, Honey Boo Boo sported piercings on both sides of her nose as she donned stone studded nose-rings on each side. Honey Boo Boo looked nothing like a teenager in the video. She looked beautiful and flaunted a ladylike attitude, unlike her other videos where we often see her wearing oversized t-shirts.



'You have blossomed into a beautiful woman'

Seeing Honey Boo Boo look elegant as she stunned with her glowing beauty in a recent post, a fan commented, "You have blossomed into a beautiful women been following you since toddlers and tiaras." Another posted a shocked emoji, saying, "Alana you look gorgeous." Furthermore, a fan claimed, "Woah I did not recognize her." "YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL," commented a follower. Another praised the teenager's beauty, "OMG YOU ARE DROP SEAD GORGEOUS." A fan asked in shock, "Girl those lips, you been doing." Furthermore, comments saying "gorgeous," "beautiful," and "stunning" followed. One of the followers commented, "you were my role model when I was younger." Another praised, "you look stunning baby girl."

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 Honey Boo Boo stuns in sensous look on TikTok leaving fans in awe