Short guide to homemade, DIY self-care as big beauty brands shut stores amid coronavirus pandemic

Short guide to homemade, DIY self-care as big beauty brands shut stores amid coronavirus pandemic
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Faced with an unprecedented crisis due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, big beauty, fashion companies including Sephora, Nordstrom and many more have been forced to shut down stores. With lockdowns in force across the globe, consumers have been unable visit their favorite brands to try or buy the products.


While in self-isolation, many consumers are now relying on homemade, do-it-yourself (DIY) beauty products. The lockdown has also given many a perfect opportunity to look after themselves as their fast-moving lives came to a standstill due to the outbreak.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have become the place to be to find the best DIY and homemade beauty products and recipes.


Influencers and e-celebrities have used these platforms effectively and efficiently to create a space for themselves in a usually crowded market. They are now sharing different ideas, natural beauty recipes and videos related to self-care.

Here are the top five beauty advocates on Instagram to follow:

Farah Dhukai

Farah Dhukai is beauty DIY influencer with 6.8 million followers. She offers advice on homemade products and DIY recipes. She also does makeup videos and product reviews.



Amanda goes by the Instagram name ‘Organic Bunny’ with 144k followers. She is a health and wellness blogger who offers lifestyle tips, reviews of products, suggestions on beauty products and DIY videos. She has her official website where her followers can buy her products. She believes in an organic lifestyle.

Rushlana Gee

Rushlana Gee is a Los Angeles based DIY influencer. She gained popularity after her famous DIY hair mask recipe went viral. She has 937k followers on Instagram. She offers tips on hair, skin and also shares homemade DIY beauty recipes. She also has an active youtube channel.

Makayla London 

Famous for her DIY routine to get shiny straight hair for curly hair textures, Makayla London is also a model and a brand owner with 339k followers on Instagram. She offers makeup tips and DIY beauty recipes. 

Dominique Edwards


Dominique Edwards is the owner of Pink Swan clothes and CEO of Lolleta Beauty Bars and Skin. She is famous for her DIY masks for hyper-pigmentation. With 37k followers on Instagram, she offers tips on skincare and beauty.

These DIY influencers give you recipes that can easily be applied using products available at home. From hair to skin, dark circles to hyper-pigmentation, lip scrub to body scrubs, they cover it all.


With big cosmetic companies out of action, these homemade beauty products and DIY recipes seem to have saved the day.

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