NBC's 'Home Sweet Home' Episode 2: Food is the biggest challenge for the Syrens

Watch families swap lives as they adopt each other's lifestyles in 'Home Sweet Home' on NBC

                            NBC's 'Home Sweet Home' Episode 2: Food is the biggest challenge for the Syrens
A still from 'Home Sweet Home' (NBC)

'Home Sweet Home' just debuted its second episode of the season as we were once again met by two families who were at a stark contrast of each other.

The NBC series by award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay follows 18 families who took up the challenge of swapping lives and experiencing different homes, foods, routines, friends, and more. The show is quite heartwarming as we see the families try and figure out what the other family is like as they try and adjust to the changes. The second episode introduced us to the Syren Family and the Ward family who swapped lives for a few days. The NBC show delivered another sweet episode as we followed them into their new homes.


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Meet the Syrens and the Wards

The second episode of 'Home Sweet Home' saw the Syren Family and the Ward Family swap lives. The Syrens are a zero-waste family that leads sustainable lives. The 5 family members are vegetarian and use no chemicals. The family consists of mother Fredika, father James, 13-year-old daughter Bella, 9 and 8-year-old sons Noah and Liam.

The Ward family, on the other hand, is made up of dad Phil, mom Dawn, 14-year-old daughter Avery and 12-year-old son Drew. The family likes things done fast and is the complete opposite of the Syrens. We follow the two families as they initially struggle to fit into each other's lives. 

Mom Fredika Syren struggles with food

The Syrens were in for a surprise when they find the meal the Wards left for them. It had salmon. The family that does not consume meat, tries some of it and packs the rest. The Syrens parents are quite open-minded and will not force dietary restrictions onto their kids, but being raised a certain way did not make the kids eager to eat meat either.

As the episode proceeds, we see Fredika struggle as the family is going to have dinner with the Wards' grandparents and a friend. The suggested meal was smoked brisket but she and her husband James do not know how to cook meat nor are they comfortable with it. In the end, they decide to make some cheesy grits with other dishes to accommodate everyone's tastes. The Ward grandparents are warm and friendly and they get along well with the Syrens.

'Home Sweet Home' airs on Fridays at 8/7c on NBC.

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