Hollywood, Hollyboob or Hollyweed? 7 times the iconic sign was changed before Julia Rose's ‘sex sells’ prank

Julia Rose, a 27-year-old Los Angeles porn influencer and her five friends changed the Hollywood sign to 'Hollyboob' and said that their main goal was to make people laugh

                            Hollywood, Hollyboob or Hollyweed? 7 times the iconic sign was changed before Julia Rose's ‘sex sells’ prank
Hollywood Sign changed over the years (Getty Images and Twitter)

Six people were arrested after carrying out a stunt to change the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California. Julia Rose, a 27-year-old Los Angeles porn influencer and her five friends changed the Hollywood sign to “Hollyboob” by putting a massive "B" tarp over the sign’s "W" and added a line to the middle of the "D".

LAPD Capt Steve Lurie said that all six will be cited with misdemeanor trespassing but they were later released as they didn’t vandalize the famous sign. Rose’s friend, Jack Tenney, stated that their main goal was to make people laugh. However, the LAPD did not resonate with Tenney’s thoughts. Lurie tweeted that “Los Angeles landmarks are precious to those of us [LAPDHollywood], and this was way uncool (not to mention the terrain is quite steep & dangerous).”



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Hollywood Sign in Hollywood, California (Getty Images)

Who changed Hollywood to Hollyboob?

As per The New York Times, Rose wanted to draw attention to a dispute with Instagram, which has reportedly suspended her account as she features nude photos. However, many quickly assumed that the group was trying to call attention to the cause of breast cancer awareness. For this, Rose debunked the speculations by stating that the whole basis of their stunt was not supposed to be around breast cancer awareness. “Sex sells, and it has a prominent place in Hollywood,” Rose said. “Call it what it is: Hollyboob.”


Old Hollywood sign pranks


Apparently, this is not the first time when some prankster has targeted the Hollywood sign. One of the earliest recorded incidents was from 1976 when an art student, Danny Finegood, and his three friends draped bed sheets on the two Os to turn them into Es on the Hollywood sign, making it read, “HOLLYWeeD”. 

HOLLYWOOD to HOLLYWeeD (Twitter / @kayladewbs)


In 1983, after the Army-Navy Football Game, a group of Navy Midshipmen covered a couple of letters from the Hollywood sign. The group wanted the sign to read “GO NAVY”. However, since the letters were not adequately covered, the Hollywood Sign wound up reading “GOLLNAVYD”.

HOLLYWOOD to GOLLNAVYD (Twitter / @PatBernieMurphy)



Two years later, Charles Arack from a New Orleans rock band changed the Hollywood Sign to “RAFFEYSOD”. As per the band member, they wanted to conquer Hollywood and wished everyone to know about their band.



Did you know some senior college pranksters changed the sign to spell CALTECH? Finegood returned to the site in 1987 when he covered the H sign to create “OLLYWOOD”, a response to Lieutenant Colonel Olver North’s involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair.

HOLLYWOOD to CALTECH (Twitter / @DanielNMiller)


In 1992, a 75-foot cutout of the Holli Would from the movie ‘Cool World‘ was installed near the Hollywood Sign. As per the reports, Paramount Pictures reportedly paid the Los Angeles City $27,000 for the Hollywood Sign’s maintenance to temporarily install Would's figure. Interesting, Ross Perot made it read PEROTWOOD that same year by hanging banners.

HOLLYWOOD to PEROTWOOD (Twitter / @DanielNMiller)


In 2010, the Hollywood Sign was changed when activists hung sheets reading “SAVE THE PEAK” to raise funds to buy the land. The official website reads: Thirty-two years after the Sign was rebuilt, the Sign’s #1 fan, Hugh Hefner, presented the Hollywood Sign Trust with the closing gift.

HOLLYWOOD to SAVE THE PEAK (hollywoodsign.org)


In 2017, artist Zachary Cole Fernandez was charged with misdemeanor trespassing when he changed the sign into “HOLLYWeeD” after California legalized recreational marijuana.

Hollywood Sign (Getty Images)

‘They changed to say Hollyboob and they didn't make it bigger?’ 

Several on Twitter had a fun morning when the news surfaced that the Hollywood sign was changed by some pranksters. One said, "Hollyweed walked so that Hollyboob could run." Another wrote, "Oh no, the space lasers changed the Hollywood sign to HollyBOOB", another one wrote: "A Hollywood sign is more important than the Capitol."




A third chimed in saying, "#ILoveWhen the two main highlights of the US in trends today is the six jokers that changed the Hollywood sign and two crusty old men in suits openly committing obstruction to cover their asses by outright refusing to even pick a time to hold a hearing for the president’s pick." Another user on Twitter wrote: "What??!! They changed the Hollywood sign to say Hollyboob and they didn't make it bigger??" And one tweet read, "The Hollyboob sign is top tier comedy."




It was Enterprise Business Reporter at the Los Angeles Times, Daniel Miller — also the host of the podcast 'Larger Than Life' — who shared all the old pranks on Twitter and left many social media users intrigued. He posted, "Today's alteration of the Hollywood sign to read 'Hollyboob' is a reminder it has been given unauthorized makeovers many times over the years — including to 'Hollyweed', 'Perotwood' and, uh, 'Caltech'."



What is your opinion on all these pranks? Didn't see that coming, did you? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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