Hillary attacks POTUS after Biden beats him in town hall ratings war: 'Let's cancel Trump reality show'

The former secretary of state said it in a tweet after the president received at least a million viewers less than former VP in the town hall duels of October 15

                            Hillary attacks POTUS after Biden beats him in town hall ratings war: 'Let's cancel Trump reality show'
Hillary Clinton & President Donald Trump (Getty Images)

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton expressed her displeasure with President Donald Trump once again on Friday, October 16, when she said in a tweet that the people of America were sick of the latter’s “reality show” and it was time to “cancel it for good”. The 72-year-old Democratic politician mocked the president, against whom she lost the 2016 presidential battle, after it was revealed that Trump could pull in a million viewers less than his Democratic rival Joe Biden during the duelling town halls the two attended on Thursday, October 15, instead of their second debate which was canceled.

“Americans are sick of the Trump reality show. Let's cancel it for good, shall we?” Hillary said in a tweet that was in response to a CNN report revealing Biden winning the town hall ratings war. The CNN said that nobody in the business virtually expected the result. Hillary, it may be recalled here, had advised Biden to not give up under any circumstances in the November 3 election.


The former vice president’s town hall in Philadelphia shown on ABC got more ratings than that of Trump in Miami despite it being shown on all three NBC networks -- the others being MSNBC and CNBC. The Trump town hall got an average 10.9 million views on the NBC broadcast network. On MSNBC, he got 1.8 million viewers and on CNBC, about 72,000 viewers. Biden’s town hall on ABC averaged more than 14 million viewers. Nielsen provided the final totals, the CNN report added. 

President Donald Trump is seen through a television at a takeout pizza shop in the U street corridor as he speaks during a town hall on October 15, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

In the run-up to the town hall, the Trump campaign predicted confidently that it would register a bigger viewership than Biden while ABC said after the Philly event that it was the network’s “most-watched primetime telecast” since the Oscars in February. Trump campaign’s senior adviser Jason Miller said the president was going to get a “much bigger audience” than his opponent. 

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden participates in a Town Hall format meeting with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos at the National Constitution Center October 15, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Getty Images)

But the Biden campaign had the last laugh and replied to the Trump campaign after the ratings battle result came out. “Turns out more people last night were interested in watching a leader with a clear plan to get this pandemic under control and Americans back to work, than the same combative, chaotic liar whose incompetence got us into this mess — regardless of how many channels he was on,” the former VP’s campaign national press secretary, TJ Ducklo, said in a tweet.



Trump attacks the moderators, yet again

Meanwhile, Trump, in its familiar style, blasted the moderators of both town halls. While he called Savannah Guthrie, the moderator of his own town hall, “crazy”, he slammed George Stephanopoulos, the moderator of the Biden town hall, accusing him of not asking the Democratic nominee about his controversy-hit son Hunter’s emails with Ukrainian officials. Trump had taken on Chris Wallace, who anchored the first presidential debate and later Steve Scully, who was scheduled to moderate the second debate.

Savannah Guthrie (Getty Images)

Trump had even attacked the NBC News town hall hours before he took the stage, calling it “fake news” besides calling Scully “rigged”. In a tweet, the mercurial GOP leader said: “I will be doing a major Fake @NBCNews Town Hall Forum, live tonight from Miami, at 8:00 P.M. They asked me to do it in place of the Rigged Steve Scully (he is now suspended from @cspan for lying) Debate. I wonder if they’ll treat me as well as Sleepy Joe? They should!”