#BidenWonTheDebate trends: Trump labeled 'broken old record' after Miami town hall, Internet says 'Joe has a plan'

As Biden faced voters directly in an ABC News town hall in Philadelphia, Trump, at the same time, participated in a town hall from Miami with NBC News

                            #BidenWonTheDebate trends: Trump labeled 'broken old record' after Miami town hall, Internet says 'Joe has a plan'
Donald Trump and Joe Biden (Getty Images)

After people of the United States were denied a second presidential debate, virtual or otherwise, they had to settle for the battle of the townhalls. While Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden faced voters directly in an ABC News Town Hall from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on Thursday, October 15, President Donald Trump, at the same time, participated in a town hall from Miami with NBC News. 

Following Trump's positive Covid-19 diagnosis on October 1, the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates changed its format to be virtual, which was not agreed to by the POTUS, who said that he would not like to "waste" his time with a debate where he would even be physically present at the scene. As a result, both of them ended up in different venues on the same night, trying to sway voters in their favor. 

And none of the candidates for the presidential ticket had it easy even though they were going at it solo without the added pressure of hoarding air time over their rival. While Trump tried to defend his response to the coronavirus pandemic, while making his stance on white supremacists clear, he also failed to denounce conspiracy theories. At the same time, Biden tried his best to clarify his position on whether he will support adding members to the Supreme Court, explain his work on the 1986 and 1994 crime bills, and his positions on the Green New Deal and fracking. His controversial comment that if Black Americans don't support him "you ain't Black" was also brought up during the event. 

People on social media quickly noticed that more people were tweeting about Biden's performance in the town hall as compared to Trump's. "#BidenTownHall far out-performing #TrumpTownHall on Twitter," one person noted, while another commented, "360K people are currently viewing the #BidenTownHall Only 221K are watching the #TrumpTownHall"



As a result, even though there was technically no debate between Biden and Trump, the internet declared the former vice president winner. "#BidenWonTheDebate It's so refreshing to hear a presidential candidate speak in a composed, rational, non-hateful manner, calling for us to come together instead of tearing us apart. I don't always agree with him on the issues, but I know he's the best choice we have for POTUS," one user said, while another wrote, "#BidenWonTheDebate and he also got a ton more viewers and won that contest too. Trump's plan to take viewers away from Biden didn't work at all. Trump is a broken old record with repetitive lies and promises that are never kept. Joe has a plan, and he is intelligent. I trust him" 

A third commented, "#BidenWonTheDebate This is why the polls are showing Biden so far ahead. People are longing for the calm and security of having a competent, compassionate President!" Someone else pointed out, "#[email protected] knowledgeable, thoughtful, patient, human, conversational, bipartisan. He is what America needs right now. #BidenHarris2020" And a person wrote, "#BidenWonTheDebate Biden spoke well and in detail over his policies, his opinions, and his future. Trump lied, rudely spoke over the moderator's questions, and got caught up in revealing his high debt. Who won, the liar who's out for himself, or the man who's for the people?"






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