RUST NEVER SLEEPS: Alec Baldwin holds up BIZARRE drawings in post by wife Hilaria

RUST NEVER SLEEPS: Alec Baldwin holds up BIZARRE drawings in post by wife Hilaria
Hilaria Baldwin posted the two photos of her husband Alec Baldwin as a Instagram story (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images & @emilymiller/Twitter)

Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin's wife, shared a series of seemingly unconnected photographs on her Instagram story. Two of them showed her husband looking blankly at the camera while holding up two bizarre drawings that the Oscar-nominee supposedly produced.

In the two images, Alec Baldwin is standing against a wood-panelled wall, looking glumly at the camera, while holding up a sketch. In the first illustration, a frowning man says, "Hello!" to a bikini-clad woman who replies, "May I help you?" The man is lying down in the second drawing, saying, "Oh, God.  Please help me. I'm dying."  "Do I know you?" the lady replies.


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Hilaria shared these two photographs, along with a short video clip of herself sarcastically clapping, with the phrases "ALEC AND HIS DRAWINGS OF HIM AND ME" on the first and "NOT DRAMATIC AT ALL..." on the second. 


While the meaning of the cryptic artwork is yet to be disclosed, the timing seems strange. The Santa Fe Sheriff's Office is still investigating the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was killed when a gun Baldwin was holding on the set of Western Rust accidentally fired. The authorities had announced earlier that the actor has yet to comply with their search warrant for his cell phone, despite Baldwin's claims to the contrary. “Is Alec Baldwin taunting the sheriff investigating him?” pondered journalist Emily Miller after seeing the photographs.


Baldwin claimed to be collaborating with police in an Instagram video he shared last week. Alec recently denied a story in the New York Times that claimed that he had not yet given up his smartphone in response to a subpoena, calling it "bullsh*t" and a "lie," and stating that he was "1000 per cent going to comply." However, the sheriff in Sante Fe, New Mexico, clarified that the mobile phone had not been handed over to the detectives on the case.


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