'Hightown' Episode 3: Frankie and Renee's prison sex has fans claiming 'this doesn’t seem legit at all'

Before detective Ray Abruzzo and his new informant Renee could finally get in on in his patrol car, she paid a shocking visit to her baby daddy in prison. Is she playing Ray?

                            'Hightown' Episode 3: Frankie and Renee's prison sex has fans claiming 'this doesn’t seem legit at all'
Renee and Frankie (Starz)

Spoilers for 'Hightown' Episode 3 'Rebellion Dogs'

Sometime in the middle of the third episode of 'Hightown', Renee Segna (Riley Voelkel) paid her druglord baby-daddy, Frankie Cuevas (Amaury Nolasco), a visit in prison. And that has become the buzzing talking point within the fandom for one reason purely: their near-public sex in the visiting area, with a guard quite possibly peeping. While shocked fans are having a hard time digesting that Renee would actually visit Frankie just for "that", they have also come out slamming the impracticality of the whole situation, and not just because the couple isn't legal spouses.

The last time we saw Frankie and Renee together, little Frankie Jr was also around. When the two finally got some private time, Renee told Frankie about detective Ray Abruzzo (James Badge Dale) tailing her, and Frankie quite confidently asked her to get close to him. In this episode, we see Frankie ask Renee about Ray, and if she is "f*cking him." When Renee answers in the negative, Frankie gets somewhat menacing, reminding her who she's working for, and how that's the only way for him to get out of prison.

This has led to some confusion over that final sex scene between Renee and Ray getting their game on in his cop car, fully hot and steamy like there was no tomorrow. Could Renee be playing Ray? Why else, right after Osito gave her a load of cash from Frankie, would she suddenly invite Ray over and proceed to initiate the raunchiest of car sex with an officer she has totally ignored until now?

While that should be the talking point about this episode, fans are too engrossed in that sex scene in prison, something they clearly can't seem to get over. The scene saw Renee bent over one of the tables in the visiting area with a guard right outside the grilled entrance to the area. We didn't quite get to see is the man was peeping, but considering how loud with their dirty talk Frankie and Renee were, there's no doubt he had a fair idea of what was going on. And this has left fans somewhat speechless.

Taking it to Twitter, a fan shared: "omfg did renee really go visit frankie in jail just for that i’m SHOOK." Another fan tweeted: "Frankie and Renee's scene has me all kinds of confused..." Stating the obvious, another fan quipped: "Not even 18 year old should be watching this" But noting how the entire situation is quite impractical, considering Frankie and Renee aren't married, plus the whole visiting area setting looked out of the norm too. "I thought conjugal visits were only for legal spouses???" tweeted a fan, adding: "Then again, judging by the way Frankie has Renee bent over this table in the visitors' area this doesn’t seem legit at all. Wonder how much he paid the guards to let this slide."

It's obvious Frankie has them guards well paid and taken care of from his end, but viewers also came out in support of Voelkel and Nolasco enacting what the fandom believes must have been a 'difficult' scene to film. "@Lifeofrileyv @amaurynolasco you two left me speechless! what an amazing job you both did, I imagine how difficult it is to do this type of scenes, I congratulate you both!!!"

'Hightown' airs on Sundays at 8 pm on Starz.

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