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'Hightown' Episode 2: Junior and Donna's kiss has fans asking how could she 'say no to someone so sweet'

Are Junior and Donna endgame yet? 'Hightown' viewers think so
Ana Nogueira as Donna (Starz)
Ana Nogueira as Donna (Starz)

Spoilers for 'Hightown' Episode 2 'Severely Weatherbeaten'

Hightown's second episode finally allowed a glimpse of Donna (Ana Nogueira), the woman Junior McCarthy (Shane Harpoer) is clinging on to. His ex-wife and mother of his child happened to catch some food with him before the two went on a beachside stroll and offered viewers one of the most 'intense' kisses seen in television recently, something that has fans asking how could Donna ever reject someone like Junior?

It's simple: business and alcohol. When we meet Donna, she is walking with Junior and the conversation seems all fun and flirty; he has just helped her assembling the crib for their daughter as she asks him about his 'business'; first how it is, and soon, what it is. Junior expertly evades answering by asking her not to 'do that' and she duly apologizes. Clearly, things are better between them than they were when things led to a separation and custody battle with limited permitted visits for Junior. 

As their conversation is still rolling, Junior pulls Donna close and tells her how much he misses her and loves her and wants their life back. And that is validated by the efforts he's putting into staying clean. Attending regular AA meetings, being 90 days sober and steering away from as much as possible, Junior really is doing the utmost to win Donna back. And for all indiscretions surrounding dumping murdered dead bodies and working with Frankie Cuevas of all people, Junior seems to have made it up to the viewers by just being a guy who means well and wants to do right by the family he had.


So when Junior pulls Donna in for a kiss and the duo starts making out, grasping on to each other's clothes, almost leading the way into beachside sexy-times, it's not just Junior who comes out of it in a compromising situation. Donna pulls away from the kiss saying she's not ready yet and Junior readily complies. He understands and doesn't push it, even though those few seconds managed to leave him with a "boner" as he claims. Feeling Junior's pain, fans took to Twitter to label the couple endgame. "I want junior and donna to be together forever," wrote a viewer while another chimed in, saying, "Junior and Donna and that Kiss had me W E A K." A third fan's curiosity was presented in the form of rhetoric, as they pointed out: "How could donna say no to someone so sweet?"

Noting on the potential for this relationship to evolve, another fan wrote: "I wish junior would come clean, but wow the ending of this ep left me shook!!" On that note, what are the odds for Junior and Donna? Well, knowing his best friend, Jackie Quinones, is up to solving the drug-related murder of the same girl whose body he dumped on the show for Frankie, Junior brought Jackie inside his boat and gave a good perimeter check. Will he betray his friend? Will he loop her in and get himself in trouble? Either way, things don't look good for Junior, honestly. Not after knowing the people he has been involved with. Even wanting to withdraw from Frankie's business to make an honest living isn't going to make the cut. 

'Hightown' airs on Sundays at 8 pm on Starz.