'Hightown' Episode 2 Preview: Why did Jackie go from rehab to getting punched in the face?

'Hightown' Episode 2 Preview: Why did Jackie go from rehab to getting punched in the face?
Monica Raymund as Jackie (Starz)

After that riveting season premiere of Starz's new crime drama 'Hightown', viewers were left a little emotional by protagonist Jackie Quinones (Monica Raymund) breaking down at a therapist's office. Jackie finally takes the leap to commit herself and check into rehab -- or so it seems -- in the final few moments of the episode. From finding a dead body with a bullet wound washed ashore to ending up in a drunk-driving incident, getting her passenger gravely injured, Jackie's time on the show hasn't been the squeakiest clean so far. She decided to venture into rehab in a way a fugitive would seek asylum and in that to only look good in the court of law after her accident. But something tells us even if she did check-in, her stay won't last very long.

According to the official synopsis of the episode, "After discovering a lead on Sherry's murder, Jackie becomes determined to solve the case. Junior finds himself trapped in a position he can't stomach, and Ray connects with his CI Renee in ways that are not professional." We all know detective Ray Abruzzo's (James Badge Dale) little fondness for the CI Renee (Riley Voelkel), wife of the townie druglord who's spending time in prison. So their dynamics getting unprofessional could mean things getting steamy between the two. The trailer doesn't hint much other than Ray and Renee at the beach with Frankie Jr playing around; it's almost innocent but wth their growing bond, it's not too late before that steamy car sex scene we had been teased with should come up.

As for Junior (Shane Harper) -- Episode 1 ended with him finding the dead girl -- Sherry's acrylic nail on his boat, this leading to the possible speculations surrounding him or his father having something to do with the body. The trailer sees him trying to deflect Jackie from every possible inkling about solving the murder and that's telling; he is either trying to protect his father despite knowing the truth or just simply saving his own a** by reminding Jackie she is a fish cop and shouldn't go digging murders that don't need her expertise. 



It is, however, Jackie's arc that seems a little blurry right now, and let's begin with that breakdown that left viewers heartbroken for her in the previous episode. Honestly, it looks like a child tearing up to get what he wants. Sure, finding a murdered dead body has to be traumatic, sending someone to the hospital because you were drunk, drugged up, and fingering each other has to be even more scarring. And even though Jackie took this rehab prospect as a chance to get a reduced sentence, that breakdown was supposed to be real. From denial about her drug and alcohol problem to clearly losing it in front of the therapist, it all seemed like Jackie was taking getting clean seriously. But if she stayed there, how would the show go on, right?

It is also this lead on Sherry's murder that has us curious. The synopsis reveals Jackie becomes determined to solve the case, which she can't from the rehab. She has to get out and be there in person with Ray and his partner in solving crime to hunt down the root cause behind these mysterious, possibly drug-related murders. So Jackie is most likely getting out and continuing down her spiral. Or she will take the high road and focus on a case while she works on getting clean by herself, through meetings, and more. The trailer, however, teases a masterplan where she follows leads through fellow addicts in her meeting, and the fact that it ends with punches and blows on her nose only makes us more worried! 

In voiceovers, Ray can be heard asking for information on Osito, the guy who killed Sherry, and it's quite likely that Jackie is tasked with the job. Cradling a baby at what looks like the meeting she was supposed to attend with fellow addicts and alcoholics, Jackie is confronted by a menacing, burly man who asks her if she's wearing a wire. It becomes obvious that Sherry's murder wasn't an isolated incident; there are more people involved in this drug trafficking business and from places, one won't even imagine. Here's hoping Jackie survives what's about to hit her

'Hightown' airs on Sundays, at 8 pm only on Starz.

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