'High-Rise Invasion': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Masahiro Takata's Netflix anime

'High-Rise Invasion': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Masahiro Takata's Netflix anime
A scene from 'High-Rise Invasion' (Netflix/YouTube)

Netflix confirmed in 2021 that it is bringing ‘High-Rise Invasion’ series on its streaming platform. ‘High-Rise Invasion’ is based on Tsuina Miura and Takahiro’s manga series of the same name that got a cult following in 2013. Netflix released the first look of ‘High-Rise Invasion’ in October 2020 and gave fans an idea of what to expect from this bleak death game anime series.

‘High-Rise Invasion’ is directed by Masahiro Takata for Zero-G, who previously directed several TV shows like ‘Ai Tenchi Muyo!’, ‘Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold’, ‘High School Fleet’, ‘Run with the Wind’, and others. Touka Machida, the writer behind ‘7SEEDS’, will oversee the ‘High-Rise Invasion’ script. Machida is also known for writing shows like ‘Comic Girls’, ‘Harukana Receive’, Happy Sugar Life‘, ‘Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls’, and others.


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Release Date

‘High-Rise Invasion’ debuts on February 25, 2021.


‘High-Rise Invasion’ is described as a horror anime and as per Netflix, the anime’s plot revolves around a high school student Yuri Honjo, who finds herself lost in an “abnormal space” where she sees countless skyscrapers are connected by suspension bridges. The anime quickly unfolds when “masked figures” appear in the story and start slaughtering everyone. To survive death from the “masked figures”, Hongo now has only two choices — either kill the masked figures or be killed.


“The unhinged and gory death-game manga High-Rise Invasion, created by Tsuina Miura (Ajin: Demi-Human) and Takahiro Oba (Box!), finally gets an anime adaptation! High school student Yuri Honjo finds herself lost in an “abnormal space” where countless skyscrapers are connected by suspension bridges and “masked figures” mercilessly slaughter their confused and fleeing victims,” reads the official plot description.


Haruka Shiraishi as Yuri Honjo

Shiraishi, 25, is a Japanese voice actress, currently affiliated with Toy’s Factory. She has previously dubbed for English movies like ‘Enola Holmes’ and ‘Find Me in Paris’. Shiraishi has also voiced for several video games, including ‘Arknights’, ‘Girls’ Frontline’, and ‘Another Eden’.

Netflix Anime 'High-Rise Invasion' (Netflix/YouTube)

Shiki Aoki as Mayuko Nise

Aoki, 31, is credited for several TV shows like ‘Voice of Fox’, ‘Real Girl’, ‘Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Z’, and others. In 2020, Aoki has come out as a transgender man after initially identifying as a non-binary person.

Akira Sekine as Kuon Shinzaki

Sekine has provided her voice for several animes, including ‘Nisekoi’, Dog Days‘, ‘Young Black Jack’, ‘Tower of God’, and ‘Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka’.

Netflix’s ‘High-Rise Invasion’ will also bring the voices of other noted stars, including Junya Enoki, Yuichiro Umehara, Jun Fukuyama, Yoko Hikasa and Megumi Ogata.


The gruesome trailer of Netflix’s ‘High-Rise Invasion’ was released on October 7, 2020, and it shows how Yuri Honjo finds herself in a complicated state.

Catch the video here:


Where to watch

Fans of anime will get to stream ‘High-Rise Invasion’ on Netflix, starting from February.

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