Shocking video shows heroic neighbor saving 6-year-old boy being mauled by rogue pit bull outside Texas home

Shocking video shows heroic neighbor saving 6-year-old boy being mauled by rogue pit bull outside Texas home

A six-year-old boy, who was attacked by a pit bull, has lived to tell the tale thanks to the timely intervention of his neighbor who heard his screams for help.

Six-year-old Mason and two of his neighbors were playing in the driveway of his Conroe, Texas, home on Sunday, June 21, when a rogue pit bull ran up to him and attacked him, according to WNDU.

The incident was captured by nearby surveillance cameras from several different angles. The two other children can be seen running away from the scene as soon as they saw the pit bull attacking Mason.

"My son was just lying on the ground. I mean, he's 6," said Jillian Lindeman, Mason's mother.

"He kind of knows what to do, but he's never been put in a situation like that."

The pit bull can be seen attacking the back of Mason's head as he laid there on his stomach, only to be distracted by someone who was caught on the video rushing towards the six-year-old.


That someone has now been identified as 19-year-old Grant Brown.

"As soon as I noticed, I just ran over there without thinking, and I didn't know how but I knew I had to get the dog off of the boy," he said. 

His plan worked as the dog's attention turns towards him, giving Mason a chance to run inside.

"All I see is my son running up to me, and he's got his hand on his head and there’s blood coming down and everything," Lindeman said.

While Mason had hobbled to safety, Brown still had the unenviable task of dealing with the pit bull. 

The dog then managed to catch him as he fell onto the ground in a grassy area just a few feet from where the first attack occurred. 

"I looked back, and my shoes came off," Brown explained. " I tripped and fell. The dog was on top of me before I knew it, and I knew I had to keep its mouth away from me."

The two struggled for a few seconds before the 19-year-old was able to get back up and make it to safety. For his troubles, he sustained a cut to his hand. 


Mason's injuries were a little more serious. He had to be transported to the hospital for treatment and received several staples for a laceration he suffered on his head. He also suffered a few bruises to his face but is expected to recover.

Lindeman said she would be eternally grateful to Brown for his quick intervention. "I just want to give the guy a hug," she said. "There's nothing I can do but just say, 'Thank you.'"

The pit bull involved in the attack was surrendered to Montgomery County Animal Court.

(WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT) Watch the video of the attack here:



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 Heroic teen saves six year old neighbor from pit bill attack Texas