'He would sneak into shower and pee on me': Danny Masterson accuser reveals shocking details

'He would sneak into shower and pee on me': Danny Masterson accuser reveals shocking details
Danny Masterson speaks during a Launch Event for Netflix 'The Ranch: Part 3' at Tequila Cowboy on June 7, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee (Anna Webber/Getty Images for Netflix)

Warning: This article contains a recollection of sexual assault that can be triggering to some readers. Discretion advised.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: As Danny Masterson's rape trial is in full swing, several disturbing accusations have come against him during the hearing. It was the second week of the trial, which is in progress at Clara Shortridge Criminal Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, on the same floor where Harvey Weinstein's trial began just down the hall.

The court heard the third of the three accusers, Jane Doe 3, tied to charges on the case recording their violent allegations against Masterson raping and abusing her during their relationship of six years. She walked out of it in 2001 but had an unforgettable experience where she suffered humiliation and abuse.


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“I was sleeping and I woke up and he was having sex with me. I did not want to. I told him so, I told him, ‘No' many times,” she recalled the 2001 incident in court. “He wouldn’t stop. I was trying to push him off me. He pushed my arms back and put his forearm on my arm. I felt trapped.” Jane Doe 3 added that while she struggled, she remembered an apparent tendency of Masterson to touch his face or hair, she took hold of the side of his hair and pulled him off, reported Rolling Stones. The successful model alleged that the 'That 70s Show' star in turn "hit her on the cheek", "spat on her," and called her "white trash", before walking out of the room, reports Daily Mail.

She detailed several instances of rape during their relationship, and said whenever she refused to have sex with Masterson, “he dragged me by the hair on my head across our bedroom floor. He called me fat.” Jane Doe 3 also alleged that not out of anger, but he found it funny "to pee on her" while she showered on several occasions.

In their six years relationship, Jane Doe 3 converted to Scientology within the first year of them being together. It has been the most talked about things during this trial as the accuser from the first week also shared how she had to sign a $400,000 settlement and nondisclosure agreement (NDA) in 2004 over fear of being declared a "suppressive person" and being excommunicated from the Church.

Masterson, 46, has been charged with three counts of forceable rape in 2020, and he pleaded not guilty. If he's found guilty, he can face up to 45 years in prison, and in addition to that, he also faces a civil trial pending until the ongoing court case is in progress.

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