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'I died from laughter': Arnold Schwarzenegger establishes himself as 'comedy' hero in Netflix's 'FUBAR'

Many viewers have pointed out that Arnold Schwarzenegger was extremely funny in Netflix's 'FUBAR', he seems to have established himself as a 'comedy' hero
UPDATED MAY 26, 2023
Arnold Schwarzenegger is being hailed on social media for his 'funny as hell' performance in 'FUBAR' (Netflix)
Arnold Schwarzenegger is being hailed on social media for his 'funny as hell' performance in 'FUBAR' (Netflix)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is being hailed on social media for his performance in 'FUBAR'. Many viewers have pointed out that he was extremely funny in the Netflix show and he seems to have established himself as a 'comedy' hero following the series' release. 'FUBAR', created by Nick Santora, premiered on Thursday, May 25, 2023, on Netflix. All eight episodes of the show have been released. 

'FUBAR' is a joint production of Skydance Television and Blackjack Films. The show traces the story of Luke Brunner (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his daughter Emma (Monica Barbaro), who work as CIA operatives, both of whom have kept their involvement in the CIA hidden from each other. As the duo eventually learns the truth, they are forced to work together as partners and learn more about each other in the backdrop of massive action.


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What does 'FUBAR' mean? Arnold Schwarzenegger's Netflix action-comedy will 'kick your a** and make you laugh'

Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger go for action-comedy series?

Schwarzenegger revealed in April 2023 why he planned to go for the big action comedy. The actor said, "Everywhere I go, people ask me when I’m going to do another big action comedy like True Lies," according to Variety. Schwarzenegger added, “Well, here it is. FUBAR will kick your a** and make you laugh — and not just for two hours. You get a whole season.”

The filming of the series began in April 2022 in Belgium, but additional filming also took place in Toronto, wrapping up by September 2022. Other actors who appeared in 'FUBAR' include Jay Baruchel, Fortune Feimster, Milan Carter, Travis Van Winkle, Gabriel Luna, Andy Buckley, Aparna Brielle, Barbara Eve Harris, and Fabiana Udenio.

'He is funny as hell'

Social media users reacted to Schwarzenegger's hilarious role, with one user saying, "Might give it a watch, nice to see Arnie back acting especially in a comedy." "If you haven't seen #FUBAR you need to watch it. Its so good.

"Statistically, most people kidnapped are American men. @Schwarzenegger Great, then you go with her" I died from laughter on that line. So good! Thanks for a great series so far! Love it," another said.

One user wrote, "Not only is @Schwarzenegger the greatest action star of all time, but he is funny as hell too - Comedy stardom on the cards? Loving #FUBAR on @NetflixUK."




"#Fubar what more could you ask for? Spy drama meets comedy Arnold. @Schwarzenegger at his best. Put it in your @NetflixUK planner. Do it Now!" one user said, while another wrote, "'FUBAR' has a perfect blend of action and comedy that I wanted to see in a series for a while now. Arnold Schwarzenegger is in top form and his comedic punches hit hard. Monica Barbaro has once again shown what a phenomenal actress she is."

"20 years ago Arnold Schwarzenegger quit his day job to get involved in politics. He hasn't been in a great* project since. Until now. Behold, the might and majesty of Netflix's FUBAR, a funny and sharp series, that I truly love," wrote one user.




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