'We're Here' is a hit with LGBTQ+ community, fans thank HBO for showing conservative America what queer life is

The penultimate episode of the series aired on Thursday night and the finale for this season will premiere next week

                            'We're Here' is a hit with LGBTQ+ community, fans thank HBO for showing conservative America what queer life is

'We're Here' has been on air for five weeks now. The plot of the limited docu-series revolves around three drag queens — Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Bob the Drag Queen and Eureka O'Hara — scouring the farthest towns around the country in search of their drag daughters. Doing so in vehicles reflective of their true nature, namely, a pink glittery van with a bow in which Shangela zooms around, Bob's van that resembles a giant yellow purse and Eureka's van modeled after an elephant. 

Their recent outing took them to the town of Ruston in North Louisiana. Here they head out to help three people — a gay man wanting to break free, a fire marshal doubling as an ally to the community and a lesbian who had an accident and wants to feel independent again. In the past, the queens have been to Gettysburg in Pennysylvania, Twin Falls in Idaho, Branson in Missouri and Farmington in New Mexico. They have earlier worked with many people — an indigenous gay man, a butch lesbian, a gay man wishing to give up his queer identity for Christianity, a reformed mother of a bisexual daughter, a proud gay man looking to build a strong community and a straight man who has bottled his emotions so much so that it hinders him from being a good husband and father.

The show has managed to trigger a lot of emotions among viewers and if Twitter is anything to go by, there is not a single hate comment against the show. The refreshingly inclusive nature of the show has been received with a lot of love from fans. The first time it aired, many said that the show reminds them of 'Queer Eye' but for the drag, whereas many fell in love and praised the portrayal of trans people and their genuine struggles on the show. After the fifth episode that premiered on Thursday night, people have been asking HBO to renew the show for Season 2. 

One of the comments read, "@HBO I'm going to need you to commit to the second season of We're Here, immediately. @thatonequeen @eurekaohara and @itsSHANGELA are the medicine this world needs. A weekly dose is required!" While another commented, "@HBO please renew We’re Here!! You got us with the lackluster promos. This is a great show!!! I can truly say I’ve teared up every episode !!"

The show has managed to pique the interest of people who don't necessarily give much thought to homophobia and this comment proves exactly that, "I'm really enjoying HBO's 'We're Here' despite homophobia being the most boring subject in the world." While another comment read, "We’re Here bringing queer presence to conservative America is what this nation needs right now. Thank you @HBO @thatonequeen."

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