'Euphoria' Season 2: Fans will cancel HBO subscription if 'Fez dies or gets arrested'

'Euphoria' Season 2: Fans will cancel HBO subscription if 'Fez dies or gets arrested'
A still from 'Euphoria' Season 2 Episode 7 (HBO)

Episode 7 of 'Euphoria' Season 2 was one of a kind, in a series that'll definitely be listed among shows that are one of a kind. The multilayered episode switched between a play, the audience's response to it, and memories of those whose fictionalized versions were on stage. Directed and starring Lexi, the play touched on multiple things, including the childhood and pubescent times of Cassie and Lexi, the relationship that Maddy had with the sisters, the last conversation that Rue had with her mother, and what she was up to during her father's memorial, and the submissive role that Cassie plays in Nate's life. The memories involving Nate also included a gnarly nightmare that hinted at a darker side to him and his father. 

'Euphoria' is known to rake in thousands of reactions on social media, and fans of the HBO drama took to Twitter to share how Episode 7 of Season 2 made them feel. Apart from the obvious reactions to the play, the Twitterati seemed to be more considered about Fez, his bond with Lexi, and wondered whether the character would make it out alive. Season 2 has progressed in a manner that strengthened the tie between Lexi and Fez, showing the two growing closer to each other at a steady pace. Fans were quick to question his absence at the play, see through the events taking place in his house, comment on the Lexi-Fez angle, and also announced that they'd be canceling their subscriptions or ditching the show if anything were to happen to him. 


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"The way fez actually listens to what lexi has to say.. i want someone like fez #Fexi #Euphoria #EuphoriaDay #EuphoriaSeason2," a fan tweeted. "Didn’t think Lexi and fiz were meant for each other but after this episode man they really knew how to cross Nate 😂 #Euphoria," another seconded. Both Fez and Lexi have humiliated Nate publicly, with Fez knocking him out at a party and Lexi portraying him in a manner that Nate considered insulting. 

Custer's appearance midway and his behavior made fans speculate Fez's future, resulting in tweets like "Thinking about how this is prolly the last time we go see fez alive 😔 #Euphoria. "What if he not tweeting cause he gon die #euphoria," another questioned. Angus Cloud, who plays Fez, is known to live-tweet when episodes air, and his sudden absence did not go unnoticed. "15 minutes into the new episode and Angus hasn’t tweeted YET #Euphoria #EuphoriaSeason2," another added. 

"Faye better get ready for this ass whooping if anything happens to fez #EuphoriaHBOMax #Euphoria," a fan tweeted, referring to Faye's mysterious behavior throughout the episode. Towards the end of Episode 7, the reactions started to get more intense. "Fez better be alive otherwise I’m not watching euphoria," a tweet read. A fan took it a step further, tweeting "If Fez dies or gets arrested I am cancelling my HBO subscription #euphoria". 


















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