Who is Conor Lamb's wife Hayley Haldeman? Attorney gave up job at Jones Day after marrying him

Haldeman's marriage to Lamb in 2019 meant she had to resign from the law firm she was working at, due to conflicts of interest

                            Who is Conor Lamb's wife Hayley Haldeman? Attorney gave up job at Jones Day after marrying him
Hayley Haldeman (Jamie Karpinski/The Mattress Factory) resigned from her job at Jones Day after Rep Conor Lamb was sworn into Congress (Conor Lamb/Facebook)

There's a crowded field of candidates waiting to replace GOP Rep Patrick Toomey, who announced he would not run for reelection. One of those candidates appears to be Rep Conor Lamb, who could launch his Senatorial bid in August. Lamb's moderate politics and ability to reach across the aisle could be ideal for the Democrats, as they are hoping to wrestle Pennsylvania from the GOP following Joe Biden's victory there in the Presidential Election. The news has drawn considerable interest in Lamb and his wife.

Lamb is not the first politician who has drawn the spotlight on his personal life. In March, we reported on Rep. Ronny Jackson's wife Jane Ely, who has managed to keep a very low profile despite her husband's controversial politics. Earlier in February, we reported on Rep. Adam Kinzinger's wife Sofia Boza-Holman after his family shunned him for impeaching Trump. In July, we also converted Rep. Jim Jordan's wife Polly following the furious debate around the select committee for the January 6 insurrection.


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Anyway, back to Lamb. The Pennslyvania Democrat and Marine veteran has a rather interesting personal life. Did you know his wife Hayley Haldeman was on the board of The Mattress Factory Museum? We've uncovered quite a bit about Haldeman, which we would like to share.



Who is Hayley Haldeman?

 Like with many spouses, Haldeman prefers to keep a low profile, even though her husband has a very public role. According to her LinkedIn profile, she obtained an undergraduate degree in international affairs from Geroge Washington University, before getting a law degree from the University of Virginia. After graduating in 2012, Haldeman joined notorious anti-union law firm Jones Day as an associate. In 2018, Pittsburgh Magazine featured her as one of its 40 Under 40 honorees, for her pro bono work representing women with claims for immigration relief.

Her profile says she is still employed at Jones Day, but a local news website reported she resigned in 2019, because of her marriage. Haldeman and Lamb got married on January 6, 2019. According to a Payday Report, the marriage led to financial conflicts of interest for Lamb, who was heavily backed by organized labor during his campaign. In fact, an earlier report by the website indicated that Lamb voted with the GOP on several issues as "a reflection of the elite corporate lawyer worlds in which he and his wife socialize." After that report came out, it emerged Haldeman would resign from Jones Day, as many of those who initially supported Lamb began withdrawing their support.

Reportedly, Haldeman left her highly lucrative job at Jones Day for the world of non-profits. In February 2019, she joined the Mattress Factory Museum as its interim executive director, where she joined the board in 2014. The Pittsburgh-based art gallery is a widely popular tourist destination. In April 2021, Haldeman was made executive director, confirming the role she took on two years ago. The decision to join the gallery may have been influenced by Haldeman's mother, who is reportedly a painter. While at the gallery, Haldeman also started the Factory Fellows, a group of the museum’s millennial leaders. 

The gig isn't her first brush with charity work. Reportedly, Haldeman serves as a volunteer to middle school girls, and also launched a program making donated American Girl dolls available for loan, via county libraries. That program was launched in 2015 and is still running today. Haldeman and Lamb got married in 2019, days after he was sworn into Congress. In December 2020, they welcomed their first child Matthew.