Katie Price's son caught swearing at a fly on her boyfriend's Instagram

Katie Price's new boyfriend Kris Boyson is assisting her son Harvey embark on a weight-loss journey.

                            Katie Price's son caught swearing at a fly on her boyfriend's Instagram
Harvey and Katie Price (Getty Images)

Katie Price’s new boyfriend Kris Boyson filmed her son Harvey swearing at a fly. Kris, who is currently training Harvey as he takes on a weight-loss journey, posted a video on his Instagram of Katie’s eldest son. He captioned the post, “Post Training Meal with the King of Banter and @officialkatieprice #fitfam #fitness.”

In the video, Harvey was caught saying, “That f**king fly." Soon after, he realises that Kris had been recording on his camera and he quickly says, "Oh my goodness.”  Right at that moment, Katie interrupts him and reminds him, “Erm, what do you say to flies?”

To this, Harvey sweetly replies (actually sings), “Go away flies, come back later when it’s dark.”

Of course fans reacted to the video and shared their love for Harvey. “He’s just the most cute and lovable child people can say what they want about Katie but the love she has for Harvey and he has for her is amazing to see,” one fan commented. “He’s so cute bless his heart xx,” another added. Another fan said, “Harvey really does have a heart of gold.” Yet another commented, “He always makes me smile what a lovely lad you are Harvey xx.”

This isn't the first time that Katie's eldest son has been caught swearing. Back in April 2017, Harvey called Piers Morgan a c*** when he ran into him backstage at ‘Loose Women.’ Katie wanted her disabled son to appear on ‘Loose Women’ to answer internet trolls. '

She opened up about the incident during a live tour in Swindon, reported The Sun. Katie said, “Before we went on stage we were with Piers Morgan and Harvey said, 'hello you c*** Piers!'” She told the audience that she had found Harvey’s comment extremely funny at the moment. She continued, “I said, ‘Harvey you don't know how lucky you are that you can say that.’”

Katie has known Piers for quite a while and mentioned that he did not take too much offense in her son’s comment. He even tweeted after the show that it was a pleasure to meet the “gutsy, funny” Harvey. Katie too was extremely grateful that Piers handled Harvey’s comment well, saying that Piers was “a true gent and great with” Harvey.

She also told her audience that she really had to pressure ‘Loose Women’ into permitting her son to speak live. She said: “'Loose Women' wanted to pre-record his interview and I said I don't want to, I don't want to take away his personality.” Katie has assured them that Harvey wouldn’t swear on screen, but of course, things went south. Harvey repeated the swear word he called Piers just moments before while addressing internet trolls, leaving the panel and Katie stunned. The blunder took place when Katie asked her son, who was born blind and suffers from autism, ADHD and Prader-Willi syndrome, what he would like to say to internet trolls. He replied, “hello you c***.” Katie told the Swindon crowd, “I said, ‘don't worry he won't swear’. He couldn't have said a worse swear word!”

Earlier this January, Katie caught Harvey swearing on video yet again when he was trying to impersonate her talking to their dog. He was caught saying: "Kevin, will you shut the f*** up that dog..."

Apart from posting adorable pictures and videos of her son on Instagram, the mother-of-five also resorts to the social media platform to showcase her love for her other children and her new boyfriend. Recently, she posted a picture with Kris, where she could be seen embracing him. captioned the image, “This is the real gentleman @krisboyson that puts a smile on my face every day that treats me like a woman should be treated! He is perfect in every way, and wish I met him Years ago … he is my total rock in every way and I feel so lucky every day.” She also posted a heart-warming video of her two girls, Jett And Bunny, singing happy birthday for her daughter Princess. She captioned the video, “Jett And Bunny this morning singing Happy Birthday to my gorgeous baby girl Princess. I love her so much.”

Kris too has been flooding his Instagram with pictures of the duo. He recently posted a picture of the two walking hand in hand. He was seen wearing a dark blue button-down t-shirt with fitted ankle-length white pants. Katie, on the other hand, wore a Givenchy dress, which sort of looked like an oversized sweater, with a pair of high boots. Kris captioned the image, “What I never knew I always needed!” The two sure good together!