Harry Styles teases 'Watermelon Sugar' video, fans say he's going to cure coronavirus and 'save 2020'

Harry Styles music video for 'Watermelon Sugar' is set to release on May 18. Fans are going crazy

                            Harry Styles teases 'Watermelon Sugar' video, fans say he's going to cure coronavirus and 'save 2020'
Harry Styles (Getty Images)

The official music video for Harry Styles' 'Watermelon Sugar' is arriving soon. The British crooner dropped a minute-long teaser for the hit single on May 17. 'Watermelon Sugar' was first released as a promotional single in November. It is also the fourth single for 'Fine Line', Styles', a sophomore studio album which released in December. The song has received wide critical reception since its release, being described with, "a flashy indie-pop moment with one foot in the distant past" by Idolator and "a lusty bop with a chorus perfectly designed for chanting in a stadium" by GQ.

The majority of the sneak peek clip is a breezy, sunny view of an oceanside with a table set up for one on the beach. Styles lets the atmosphere set in before he rolls in on the last few seconds with a plated slice of watermelon.

At the end, a "watermelon sugar" lyric is played while an announcement of the official video's release date reveals it will make its debut at 12 pm ET on May 18.

Fans on Twitter are losing their minds over the news of the upcoming music video. "So f**king excited omgg (sic)" says a fans while another wrote, "It’s coming tomorrow and i’m gonna lose itttt (sic)." Many fans called him "king" while one declared him as "king of pop". One fan said, "AHHHH this MV is the thing that will cure corona (sic)." Another added, "Can't wait for this iconic song to have a music video." A female fan wrote, "I will be announcing my funeral, cause of death: couldn’t handle the pressure of trying to cope and prepare herself in such little time for the wms mv." 

Other comments included, "Harry really has the art of the tease down pat doesn't he? Making us wait a whole minute to see his handsome self sit down. Chef's kiss. Love you, Harry" and "HARRY STYLES WILL SAVE 2020 FOR ME BY DROPPING THIS MUSIC VIDEO."

Earlier in the week, Harry Styles' website pointed toward something on the way for 'Watermelon Sugar', which included a major change to the color scheme of the page as well as a meme generator with various lyrics from the track, like "You are like strawberries on a summer evening."


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