Harry Styles slammed as LA tour goes 'missing' from Ticketmaster: 'Can't even do bare minimum'

The Ticketmaster website, at the time of writing this, marked almost all concert dates of Harry Styles as rescheduled

                            Harry Styles slammed as LA tour goes 'missing' from Ticketmaster: 'Can't even do bare minimum'
Harry Styles performs onstage during the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

A Harry Styles fan account on Twitter with a massive following announced that the concert dates for the former One Direction singer in Los Angeles have been changed. HSDaily tweeted, “Ticketmaster has sent out emails regarding Harry’s upcoming LA shows, which have been rescheduled,” adding that the new dates were November 17, November 19, and November 20.

Curiously, these dates are not reflected on Harry Styles’ website detailing the Love On Tour concert tour that’s supposed to hit the road on August 14, 2021, in Tacoma, Washington. In fact, the list of concert dates and venues on the website don't list Los Angeles at all. The only California cities listed for Styles' tour are Sacramento, San Jose, San Diego, and Inglewood.


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The Ticketmaster website, at the time of writing this, marked almost all concert dates as rescheduled. It also showed that the concert dates for all Mexico shows had been postponed without mentioning a new date. Ticketmaster, at the time of writing this, also did not mention any shows in Los Angeles (or anywhere in the US) post-October 31 — only European concerts without dates mentioned. So, confusion about Styles' tour was widespread online.

Fans of the former One Direction singer were not happy. “Not me finding through Ticketmaster that love on tour is postponed rather than mister harry styles himself,” tweeted one fan. “Harry Styles please give us updates on tour soon please. this doesn’t make any sense why the LA shows aren’t on Ticketmaster anymore,” said another fan on Twitter. 

One angry fan said, “I am beyond annoyed, I'm fucking livid actually. I've had the flight booked for this months ago and now this?!? What the fuck am I supposed to do now? How unprofessional is this shit to have @Ticketmaster post this in the middle of the night? Like why?!?” Another said, “Okay I don't even know wtf is going on about this whole tour but I'm sad about how this tour is getting treated. Fans have been waiting for goddamn 2 YEARS AND THIS IS THE NEWS THEY GET? THROUGH UPDATE ACCS AND WEBSITES?”





While fans were mad at Ticketmaster and the management, they were also mad at Styles. When one fan said, “let's be grateful he didn't stop the tour,” another angry fan responded with, “‘Let’s be grateful’, please tell me it’s a joke. He’s a grown-up millionaire who clearly does not care about his fans who spent their money, that went to his pocket. I am not going to be grateful because he will tell me a week before the show ‘sorry, not happening’.”

Another angry fan said, “the fact that he hasn’t said anything and that we had to hear it from ticket masters is so annoying. like he could just tell one of his managers to send out a tweet or an Instagram post and it would take 2 secs but yet he can’t even do the bare minimum.” One fan simply said, “omfg this is such a mess.”