'Why is it always me': Matthew Lewis downgraded from first class to economy in Orlando

'Why is it always me': Matthew Lewis downgraded from first class to economy in Orlando
Matthew Lewis was allegedly downgraded from first class to economy when he was on his way to Toronto for a fan convention ( Matthew Lewis/Instagram)

ORLANDO, FLORIDA: 'Harry Potter' actor Matthew Lewis has called out an airline after he was allegedly kicked out of first class on a flight to Canada. The star, known for playing Neville Longbottom in the much loved franchise, shared his ordeal on Twitter on Friday, August 26.

The actor said that his first class ticket was torn up when he approached the gate at Orlando International Airport, and was given an economy ticket instead. According to the Mirror, Lewis was heading to a fan expo in Toronto from August 25 to 28.


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Lewis tweeted, "Confirmed. @AirCanada is the worst airline in North America. And that’s saying something." His tweet has garnered nearly 3,500 likes and has been retweeted 436 times.


In a series of replies, Lewis revealed he had a ticket to fly first class from Orlando to Toronto with the airline, but he was downgraded to economy. The 'Me Before You' star said, "Kicking me out of first class to back of plane is what it is but doing it at the gate. Literally tearing my ticket up. No explanation other than "full flight". Said if I wanted to sort it I should go to customer service. I asked where that was. “Toronto.” I’m in Orlando."


The actor added, "Honestly never experienced anything like it. I’ve been bumped before. Comes with the territory. But at the gate, less than two minutes to boarding and without explanation or apology? Never. They even said if I wanna complain or get a refund I have to reach out to them!"


While speaking to CTV News Toronto, Lewis said he hasn't spoken to Air Canada about the incident. He said, “Air Canada customer service is s***e,” adding, “and we as a society should not be okay with normalizing the profiteering of overbooking and kicking people off flights.”

Meanwhile, Air Canada replied to the actor in a tweet, writing, "Hi Matthew, we regret hearing this. Please send us a DM with further details of the issue, we'll see if we can help from here."


Post 'Harry Potter, Lewis starred in 'The Rise' in 2012 which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to positive reviews and made appearances on BBC dramas 'Bluestone 42' and 'Death in Paradise' in 2013 and 2015 respectively. The actor was cast in the crime dramas 'Ripper Street' and 'Happy Valley' before starring on the ITV drama 'Girlfriends' in 2018. He appeared in 'Terminal' in 2018, which premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival as well as 'Baby Done' (2020). Since 2020, Matthew has been a part of the Channel 5 television series 'All Creatures Great and Small.'

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