Where is Harry Potter's Hagrid now? Robbie Coltrane reportedly living like 'a reclusive hermit’

Where is Harry Potter's Hagrid now? Robbie Coltrane reportedly living like 'a reclusive hermit’
'Harry Potter' star Robbie Coltrane is living in a run-down barn in Scottish Highlands (Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Robbie Coltrane, the 'Harry Potter' actor most remembered for his role as Hagrid, has reportedly been living as a "sad recluse" in his rented and run-down barn in the Scottish Highlands.

Coltrane is certainly one of the franchise's highest-paid performers, and while his co-stars have a plethora of investment properties scattered over the globe, he has decided to rent a barn in the hills west of Industrial Glasgow for a meager £1,000 ($1,350) each month.


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(L TO R) Domhnall Gleeson, Robbie Coltrane, and Warwick Davis at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando on June 19, 2014, in Orlando, Florida (Getty Images)


Andrew Edmonstone, 50, Coltrane's landlord, is the cousin of Duchess Camilla and the son of Sir Archibald Edmonstone, the seventh baronet of Dunreath. He began by expressing concerns about Coltrane's health and admitting that he had not physically seen his renter in over five years, owing to Coltrane's osteoarthritis, which has restricted him to a wheelchair.


"Reclusive is definitely the word I would use to describe Robbie," the heir to the adjacent 20,000-acre estate said. "He is our neighbor and in fact, his barn is on the closest of our 11 farms to us here.”

He continued, "But there is no neighborliness coming from him — not for years. Many years ago we would see him for private dinners. But that has stopped now. I have not seen him since a private dinner about five years ago or maybe more. It is what it is. You can take a horse to water as they say. He just does not want to be part of things in the community any longer. He has completely shrunken away from things. It's very sad. Unfortunately, he is not the most charitable person at all either. Every time we host a charity event, we invite him. His name is always on the list but the answer always comes back as a no."


Robbie Coltrane attends a press conference for 'Great Expectations' at Empire Leicester Square on October 21, 2012, in London, England (Getty Images)


“He really does not want to be part of the community at all. As a person, he is about as far from the generous-spirited Harry Potter character Hagrid as you could possibly imagine. I range the West Highland Way every day for eight months of the year. This runs right past the road which eventually leads to Robbie's house. I have not seen him in many many years," Coltrane's 50-year-old landlord added. 


Edmonstone admitted before concluding, "Not in his cars. Not walking. Not at any dinners. Indeed none of our tenants and neighbors on the entire estate have said they have seen him either in a very long while."

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