William felt Meghan Markle acted more like a celebrity than a royal, Lifetime movie claims

Prince William maintains a diplomatic stance in the films while his and Kate's private secretaries are shown to be the true monsters

                            William felt Meghan Markle acted more like a celebrity than a royal, Lifetime movie claims
Jordan Whalen as Prince William (L) and Jordan Dean as Prince Harry (R) with Steve Coulter as Prince Charles in the middle (Lifetime)

Lifetime's latest and final installment of the 'Harry & Meghan' saga is finally here and just the title 'Escaping the Palace' was enough to raise anticipation about bombshell reveals to come. Unfortunately, social media has been left disappointed with the lack of revelations in the film. Instead, the dramatic over-exaggeration of events has left people complaining. However, there are certain parts from the film that absolutely cannot be ignored, the biggest one of them all being the film's Prince William decrying claims of racism within the family, claiming their feelings about Meghan are more to do with her American culture and celebrity status rather than the color of her skin.

That the film would opt for such a narrative isn't shocking considering ahead of its September 6 premiere, the movie had already been heavily criticized for an outrageous car crash scene where film-Meghan (Sydney Morton) can be seen lying under a wreck resembling the fatal crash that killed Princess Diana. The film fits the scene as part of a nightmare that movie-Harry has, but that hasn't stopped the flak from social media for how vile and disrespectful recreating the imagery is. 


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The William confrontation is also expected to rile up more than a few people considering things tend to get pretty heated between the Queen's grandkids. The scene begins with Harry trying to get his brother to speak out against racism faced by his wife Meghan, who was the first person of color in the royal family. The racist attacks allegedly faced by Meghan were revealed in the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview where the former actress, without naming anyone, had claimed there were concerns around the color of her then-unborn son's skin. Meghan had also alleged that incessant bullying from British tabloids — an extension of the racist attack she endured — caused her to have suicidal thoughts. The royal family also allegedly did nothing when the bullying got too much — something that the Lifetime movie alludes to in the confrontation scene.

Standing in the gardens at Kensington Palace, William tells Harry, "What causes problems isn't color, it's culture. Meghan's an American. She acts more like a celebrity than a royal." Harry retorts: "You need to bloody well make a statement with me decrying racism. As future king, you need to push on this horrific bullying," but William remains his usual calm, poised, diplomatic self that the public has seen the real-life royal to always maintain. Ending the conversation, William declares: "For the last time I agree diversity in the family is a good thing."


In another scene, Meghan can be seen confronting her brother-in-law herself. Seething, she tells William about the racist undertones of the family: "If you're going to say it, say it to my face." Of course, William evades that too, telling her he has always had concerns surrounding her fitting in as a royal but that's because he worried that she wouldn't work within the 'firm' or the 'institution' from the very beginning. 

It's also interesting how William and his wife, Kate Middleton's private secretary and chief of security are portrayed as the real devils in the saga. From calling Meghan "Me Gain" at Trooping the Colour, to not letting Harry and Will stand beside each other on the balcony — the Cambridges' secretary has been dubbed the "true monster" by viewers. The couple's press secretary can also be seen hatching evil plans, by saying things like "We're going to cancel culture them" by removing Harry and Meghan from Royal Foundation website posts. It's really something considering how diplomatic Lifetime plays despite making some ridiculous exaggerations of real-life events. It's almost as if the film is agreeing with the Sussexes' allegations against the royals but painting the family manipulated by their staff. 



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